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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Sad scenes say so much...

Yeah, I know the song title is Sad Songs (say so much) by Elton John but for July's theme I'm asking for the most tear-jerking scene in your novel (reading or writing).

Scenes should be no more than 500 words long. Make me cry! Send in your most emotional scenes, author media and book details (if you're an author), if you're a reader all you need to send me is the scene. My Email

Here's my sad scene from Oh no, I've Fallen in Love! Valerie Anthrope has finally realised that her past has much to do with how she is feeling. The house she lived in as a child is full of sad memories: the death of her baby brother, her parents and nan. Their deaths are all linked to a curse she received as a child. And now that her boyfriend has declared his undying love, she needs to get away before he becomes the next casualty.

My house was unwelcoming. Its furnishings tortured me in their familiarity. How could everything be the same, when inside I was dying? I walked through the rooms. I no longer liked the home that I’d grown up in. It was too full of memories; of my mum’s endless crying and of my dad’s tortured eyes. In every room, I could still hear the echo of her sobbing, and see the ghost-like image of my dad as he stood nervously on the side-lines.
   Suddenly, I could see myself as an eight-year-old little girl. I was sitting on the stairs, watching the ambulance from the opened doorway as the paramedics took Sean’s small body away. Mum and Dad had followed them, their heads lowered and shoulders slumped, and every now and then Mum’s body jerked with a tearful spasm. My nan was crying into a large handkerchief and every time I asked what was happening and when Sean would be better, she’d only wailed louder. The house represented everything I was hiding from. There were no happy memories here. Only mourning.
Oh no, I've Fallen in Love!


Valerie Anthrope has a problem. Only she shies away from acknowledging it. On the outside, she’s a cut-throat business woman running her own financial brokerage. On the inside, she’s lonely, and frightened her past will catch up with her.

And when it does, she's not prepared. 
She'll never be prepared for what awaits her.

Dark romance.

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