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Join Murphy Cassidy in a whirlwind of challenges and dreams as she faces the music—literally—in Cork, 2025. #shortstory #characterinterview

The Rebel Murphy
a short story 

Chiara Benedetta Condorelli

 Cork, 2025.

Murphy Cassidy works as a cleaner and faces many challenges both in her life and in her job. One day, she's unexpectedly invited to sing on a TV talent show, a dream opportunity that also offers a chance of a lifetime to a struggling rock band.

However, there's one thing that could prevent her from taking the stage, and no, it's not her lack of singing ability...

Character interview with Murphy Cassidy, the protagonist from The Rebel Murphy

What is your full name? Do you have a nickname?

Dia duit, Louise (it means "Hello” in Irish), and thanks for interviewing me. I hope you're doing well. My name is Murphy Cassidy. No, I don't have a nickname. Not that I know of, anyway.


Nice to meet you, Murphy. Your name tells me you’ve Irish heritage?

Yes, I was born in Cork, Ireland, but I’ve no idea of my age. My author didn't bother to give me a birth date, although I assume we share the same age because of specific circumstances described in the book that I'm not allowed to reveal. Don't worry, though, I'm of legal age.


I take it you’re a human? You seem human.

Yes, I'm definitely a human being. My author has put a lot of effort into making me sound and act like a human, although she barely likes to provide any physical descriptions (unless they're relevant to the plot) because she prefers the readers to imagine the characters with the features they want. I think I like that.

What are your likes/dislikes?

I love the Swords-born rock band Kodaline. My author made sure that they would have been relevant to the plot at a certain point. You can listen below and when you do, think of me. 

What are your likes/dislikes?

I love the Swords-born rock band Kodaline. My author made sure that they would have been relevant to the plot at a certain point.


Do you have a job/hobby?

I’m a cleaner, and I always wanted to be the best cleaner I could possibly be.


Are you in love?

I’m single, and I’m genuinely fine with that. I don’t envy those who are engaged, married or whatever because I prefer spending my time doing the stuff I enjoy the most.


Do you have any regrets in life?

I don’t have any regrets, so far, but anything can happen in life, and maybe there will be one thing I’ll regret thinking or doing someday.


Where do you live? Are you happy there?

I mostly drive throughout Ireland for work, and so far, there’s no place I ever disliked.


Who are your parents? Are they still alive?

My parents are Saoirse and Enda Cassidy. They’re still alive, and I get along with them pretty decently, given the circumstances (I live on my own, and I like it that way, despite knowing that this lifestyle has its own disadvantages).


Do you own a gun (or any other weapon)?

Nope, nope, nope! And so far, I’ve never been put in a position to kill someone. The dead don’t hire you or pay you any salary, after all.


What do you consider your greatest achievement so far? Do other people think it’s great?

My greatest achievement so far is living on my own with a job I like doing and without any harm done to anyone, I guess. I think that most people are okay with me living like this, but naturally, I wouldn’t like to know that someone thinks otherwise. I would like to thank you for this interview. Slán (it means “goodbye” in Irish)!

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Thursday 25 April 2024

Heard of an 'elevator' pitch? Here's how you can extend it to a one-paged synopsis #writerchat #writingcommunity

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- In 20 seconds, introduce yourself and your book, addressing the person by name.

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- In 30 seconds, explain what distinguishes your book or yourself. What is unique about your writing style?

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- In 20 seconds, discuss your writing experience. If this is your first book, discuss any competitions you've participated in and highlight any accomplishments such as being shortlisted.

- In 20 seconds, provide an update on your book's marketing progress.

- In 15 seconds, share any feedback you've received from readers.

- In the final 10 seconds, express gratitude for their attention and offer them a copy of your book if you have one. Remember to give them your business card if you have it.

Practice your pitch in front of a mirror until you are fluent and without any "ums" or "you knows" dropping in. Practice your smile, record yourself speaking, and see where you start rambling or become unstuck.

You can use this formula to draft your synopsis, adjusting the seconds to line count. Keep it brief, preferably on one side of an A4 page. Font point 10 is just acceptable (but try to keep it point 12). You can adjust the margins to fit it all on one page.

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Wednesday 17 April 2024

Only 99p (or cents)! A time travel novel that's exquisitely British. Set in a village in #Northamptonshire #1970 #timetravel

Step into a quaint Northamptonshire village with a British time travel novel, now available for an unbeatable 99p (or cents)! 

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Julie grew up in a small village where her mother was known for her numerous flings. Her father, heartbroken, couldn't cope and eventually left the family home. Julie was unable to forgive her mother, and her feelings of anger and disillusionment only intensified when she was placed in foster care. Despite her difficult upbringing, Julie managed to turn her life around. She even forgave her mother enough to find her the best nursing home.

However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she's transported back to 1973 and forced to relive her traumatic childhood. Has she entered the afterlife following her accident, or has she genuinely travelled back in time?

There is a bigger problem.

She's not in her body. | Amazon.UK | Amazon.AU

Tuesday 16 April 2024

Author interview with Chloe Coontz - Dare to defy fate in a battle against darkness and doubt?

Dare to defy fate in a battle against darkness and doubt?

In 2010, a solitary figure stands at the edge of a bridge, teetering on the precipice between life and death. With a momentous decision hanging in the balance, she takes a step back, choosing to embrace the uncertain journey ahead.

Fast forward to 2011, and the young woman finds herself ensnared in a web of intrigue and mystery. It's revealed that a mysterious entity has been deployed to dissuade her from her chosen path, to challenge the resolve she thought she had solidified on that fateful day. Concurrently, she learns of a daunting task entrusted to her—to thwart the emergence of a malevolent force, a darkness that threatens to engulf everything in its path.

Now burdened with dual responsibilities, she grapples with the weight of her newfound knowledge. Time ticks away relentlessly as she races against the clock, navigating treacherous terrain where every decision could alter the course of destiny. With courage as her compass and determination as her guide, she embarks on a journey fraught with peril, ready to confront the shadows that lurk in both the external world and within her own soul.

Check out the book!

Unveiling Michelle: A Candid Conversation on the Inspiration Behind 'TEN MORE YEARS'

What is your full name? Do you have a nickname?

I was given an Italian name, and I gave myself an English name, but my author doesn't allow me to disclose either of them. You can call me Michelle, though: that's the name of my self-insert character in a short story I've written.

Yes, I write too. In fact, I'm a freelance writer and translator.

Where and when were you born? If you weren’t born, how did you come into being?

I was born and raised in Sicily. Now I'm in Piedmont, in the middle of the pandemic, and I'm not obviously happy to be here, but it could be worse. I don't miss my birthplace, though. I'm not ashamed of my roots, but if we talk about job opportunities and whatnot, I would've preferred to be born elsewhere.

If you looked in a mirror, would you like what you saw?

Not really. I have been punished by what I think is an extremely petty divine entity, but if I succeed in both my missions, I'll look at myself in the mirror and see something prettier for once... after a decade. I have some scars here and there that I got while fighting Daryce, an alien creature that is at the divine entity's service. Emotional scars? There’s as many as you want.

How old are you? Do you worry about getting older?

I’m 36 years old, and I’m doing my best to live enough to get older. I’m scared of being left to die alone, though, even if I have already devised a secret plan to address this fear properly that should please everyone.

Do you have any regrets in life?

Yes, I do. I have forgiven a (supposedly) human being for mistreating me, which resulted in her trying to kill me.

Who is the most important person in your life, and why?

I desperately try to remind myself that I'm the most important person in my life, and it’s not an easy task, given both my past and the current circumstances.

Who is the person you respect the most, and why?

Daryce, as strange as it may seem. She’s just doing her job, it’s not like she has a beef with me or something. She will never be my friend because of the circumstances we found ourselves in, but I respect her.

Do you have a secret? Does anyone else know the secret? What would happen if you told someone this secret? 

Yes, I have a secret. The few people who learned about it decided to flee, despite the fact that I never make this secret interfere with anything in my life... and I don't talk about it all the time. THEY wanted to know my secret, it wasn’t the other way round! I wanted to chat with them for like five minutes in a week, and yet I got treated as if I demanded to be listened all day, every day. That’s why I’m better off without friends.

Are you happy now your story has been told? Is there more to come?

Yes, I can consider myself happy that my story has been told. I can only hope that there’s more to come... no, I’m actively doing what I can so that there is more to come!

How honest are you about your thoughts and feelings?

Brutally honest. I only become mean to those who got mean to me, so I don’t consider myself a bad person. But you wouldn’t be happy to get to know most of my thoughts and feelings.

What, if anything, would you like to change about your life?

I’m literally doing everything to make sure that I still have a life to live before thinking of anything to change about it. It was nice having this conversation with you.

Amazon | Goodreads

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Wednesday 3 April 2024

Anyone who enjoys YA dark fantasy needs this book in their life! #yabooks #fantasy

Fractured Realities: Notnicknamethankyouverymuch's (Dax Candeland) Quest.

  Dear Reader

My name is Dax ‘nonicknamethankyouverymuch’ Candeland. I suppose I must have been born sixteen years ago, which means sometime during 1994 from my perspective, in a poor neighbourhood in the northwest of England.

 With an intense phobia of contractions, an obsession with numbers, and a mind that appears to be fracturing, I face a journey through my own fears and memories to find my missing father. There is no time to worry about getting older. The worry to not to get older. You see, I must solve the mystery soon or I will die for real.

 Let me explain, in the present tense, which is how I prefer to think, how the mystery started. The mystery is only slightly less complicated than the particle accelerator project my annoying sister, Chinwe, is not so secretly working on.

 So, there I am, navigating another difficult day at school, where no one shows me enough consideration for my dislike of contractions or my obsession with numbers.

 One thought sustains me: it is my sixteenth birthday, and I plan to celebrate it with my father. Alone, the two of us enjoy a meal and a special understanding–until I visit the bathroom, where the sinister clown from a poster comes alive, making me both fear and doubt reality.

 Back outside, the world has changed beyond recognition, and my father has gone. So begins my quest to find my father and learn why he vanished in the first place. In this new world, I meet gargoyles, monsters, witches and giants–but why do they bear a strange resemblance to the people in my life?

 My tendency to overthink and obsession with details become my greatest advantage as I am forced to solve riddle after riddle to advance my search. Yet the closer I get to solving the mystery, the more dangerous the creatures in this new world become.

 All I know is that I must find my father quickly–before the search kills me for real. Come to think of it, I should really stop this interview and continue with my quest.

 Unfortunately, as figment-Chinwe warns me, I shall have to discover my darkest secret. Maybe that is why I am procrastinating by participating in this interview.

 However, you will have to find out my darkest secret with me, if you are brave enough. The quest is getting too dark to do this on my own. 



book one of the Dax trilogy

When his father disappears, Dax faces every living nightmare to find him.

Dax Candeland is navigating another difficult day at school, where no one shows enough consideration for his dislike of contractions or his obsession with numbers. One thought sustains him: it's his sixteenth birthday, and he will celebrate it with his father.

Alone, the two of them enjoy their meal and a special understanding–until Dax visits the bathroom, where the sinister clown from a poster comes alive, making him both fear and doubt reality.

Back outside, the world has changed beyond recognition, and his father has gone. So begins Dax's quest to find his father and learn why he vanished in the first place.

In this new world, Dax meets gargoyles, monsters, witches and giants–but why do they bear a strange resemblance to the people in his life? His tendency to overthink and obsession with details become his greatest advantage as he is forced to solve riddle after riddle to advance his search.

Yet the closer he gets to solving the mystery, the more dangerous the creatures in this new world become. All Dax knows is that he must find his father quickly–before the search kills him for real.

Purchase link | Author Website 

A snippet to whet your appetite:

Dad and I step into the restaurant. Eighteen customers are tucking into eggs Benedict, hash
browns, and pancakes with syrup. I scratch my ear, pondering the significance of the
number eighteen.
A grin twists Dad’s thin face as he looks around the room. ‘D’you think––sorry. Do you think ten will always be your favourite number? Ten past ten is a funny time to have lunch.’
‘It is early for lunch, but ten suggests a strong bond. The first double-digit number.
Togetherness and unity. And the zero is a never-ending cycle. Does the universe have ten
dimensions? Space-time will tell.
Dad smiles, moulding the number ten with his fingers––his left hand forming the one, his
right curling into a circle––then squints with one eye through the zero. He lifts his makeshift monocle to the electronic menu board and smacks his lips.
‘Control yourself,’ I remind him. ‘You ate too much last year.’
‘We all have our issues, Dax. But yes, on this special occasion, I will rein in the gluttony.’
We order cheeseburgers, chips, and strawberry milkshakes.
Dad grabs six straws––two purple, two orange, and two brown. ‘One of each colour for both of us.’ We sit at table ten. Dad leans over its chrome rim. ‘Maybe it is an urban myth’, he whispers, ‘but I read there is not much milk in the shakes, or potato in the chips. It’s––it
is––an illusion.’
‘Maybe that is why I like it here. The food reminds me of my life. I am never sure how much of it is real.’
Dad stares at his wrapped burger. ‘And the simple colour scheme?’
‘Well, yes.’ I survey the room. Posters of a clown wearing purple and orange break up the
nut-brown walls. Violet plastic chairs surround glossy orange tables. Frowning, I bend my
three straws on the table to form three separate arches. ‘This is the only place where we
ever talk. You are different when Mum and Chinwe are around. You spend so much time
away from home. How many haunted lighthouses can there be to investigate?’
‘Sometimes you come along.’
We slip out of our jackets and unwrap our burgers. I remove the top half of my bun, place
ten chips on the meat, and squash down the bun.
‘Your mother and sister are buying you a present, but they need to go to the pharmacy first.’
Dad winks. ‘Guess what I bought you.’
I tap the visor of my grey baseball cap. ‘Clues?’
‘It popularises creatures with fangs who sleep in coffins.’
As I sink my teeth into my burger, fat dribbles out in globules. ‘So, is it a book? You know I hate vampire stories.’
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