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Monday 1 July 2013

What's Pinterest all about?

In short it's a scrapbook for your favourite things. My favourite things are BOOKS!

Just share your purchase link and genre in the comment section and I’ll do the rest!

If you have a WEBSITE that offers promotion for independent authors also let me know so I can add it to the board. 


  1. Great idea here! Can I be included please?
    My novel, Leaving Gilead, is here:

    I'd put it in Literary General/Social issues

    My earlier novel, Bunderlin, is here:

  2. Here you go, Robert:

    I've assumed they are both Literary Fiction? Let me know if not.

  3. Hi, Louise.

    Here's the buy link for my romantic suspense novel:

    Thanks so much! :)

  4. I think JDS did me proud with this cover.

    Genre: Fantasy, YA with the emphasis on Adult.

  5. Karen, here's your link:

    And Eric, here's yours:

  6. Louise, what a wonderful site you have here. I just joined pinterest because I found your link on an amazon discussion board. I'm also a new indie author and would very much love to be part of your bookjunkie program.

    The Genre of my book is Erotica

  7. Here's your link LA Cloutier:

  8. Thank you very much Louise :)

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  11. Louise,
    Love your blog and Pinterest Book Junkies library!
    I'd love to be included in your free library. I have 3 books and I've listed them here!
    Thanks :)

    Children's/Young Children's

    Children's/Young Children's

    Chick Lit/Contemporary Novels

  12. Thanks Penny, I've added them all.


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