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Monday, 5 December 2011

Win a copy of "How to Deal with Stupid Clowns who Don't know what the Hell they're talking about!" I know. Mad title, and even crazier author!

Hi all, I'm John Garrett of Hypertransitory.com, author of "How to Deal with Stupid Clowns who Don't know what the Hell they're talking about!"

I know it's a crazy title, and it's even crazier inside. This is a humor book combining writing and comics all written and drawn by me.

I've been drawing comics for probably as long as I could hold a pen (I used to draw them in ballpoint pen), but usually the stuff I came up with was more in the comic book super hero style, not humor comics.

Well, I started blogging about 2 years ago, and I noticed that the traffic on my humor comics was much better than any of my super-hero or sci-fi work. It surprised me, but then I decided that if this was what people wanted, I'd just go ahead and give it to them.

The only problem with this was that being funny on demand is hard work. I can only be funny maybe once or twice a week so it ended up taking me half a year to make this thing.

I always loved comic strips like Calvin & Hobbes, Boondocks and Dilbert, but instead of going wall to wall comics like them, I decided to throw in some prose -mainly made up funny stories involving my own terrifying run-ins with the stupid clowns of my past jobs.

I picked this subject because when I would tell people these stories they would  always relate, then they'd start telling me their stories, and pretty soon we'd all be laughing, thinking about all the crazy people we used to know back in the day.

Of course, some of us are still burdened by the stupid clowns of TODAY. That's where my ebook comes in. It's for fun, but you can actually use *most* of the advice today in the never ending battle against stupid clowns everywhere. Some of the advice may not be physically possible...yet.

So far I've had people email me and tell me I must have been writing about them, because they knew annoying people just like this. Guys, trust me...we've ALL known people like this.

I've also had an actual clown email me, angry about the title of the book. I had to let him know I have respect for actual working clowns that make us laugh, but not the stupid clowns who hide amongst us and screw up our lives.

Also, I got a lot of flack from stupid clowns all over the internet. These guys didn't want me to reveal all my knowledge of their antics. I had to let them know that information wants to be free, and I was going to reveal that information to the masses for a reasonable price!

So as you can probably imagine, with the backlash from the stupid clown community this whole ebook was a bit of a dangerous undertaking for me. Every day this book is on sale I'm risking seltzer-water and/or pies in the face, plus bowling pins thrown at me, various type of joybuzzers, etc...

Some people might say that makes me a hero. People like me. I would say that makes me a hero, but I'd like you guys to decide that for yourselves.

One lucky commenter here can win a free copy of "How to Deal with Stupid Clowns who Don't know what the Hell they're talking about!". Plus all the rest of you losers, er, non-winners can head over to the Stupid Clowns Book Page for more info, plus you can get on my mailing list to download the first chapter for free!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the book - here's a peek at the book trailer for last laughs :)

John Garrett is an artist, writer, web designer and all around capital fellow who prefers his food in sandwich form. 

Comics, Sci-fi, Fantasy and tech stuff are what hold his interest and also get him in trouble on a daily basis!
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