Saturday 18 May 2024

Authors' Alliance Carousel - join up before the carousel becomes too full.

 ðŸ“£ Attention authors! 📣

Promoting your book isn't always top priority, so why not join the Authors' Alliance Carousel and let someone else do it for you? 🚀 Connect with a supportive community where authors help each other reach new readers. It's easy and effective!

🎠 How it works:
1️⃣ Complete the sign-up form: Sign-Up Link
2️⃣ Set comment order to "ALL Comments."
3️⃣ Scroll to the end and find the last book.
4️⃣ Promote that book on your social media.
5️⃣ Reply to the author with your promo link.
6️⃣ Post your book link for the next author to promote.
7️⃣ Rejoin any time after promoting.
8️⃣ The first author promotes the last book before closing.

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