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Thursday 1 March 2018

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Wide Awake Asleep
Louise Wise
Amazon. UK
There's someone for everyone—or so they say. Yet Julie’s ‘the one’ ran off with her best friend.
Julie never forgave either of them, but when she heard they died in tragic circumstances she realised that life was too short for regrets and dived into life making her career ‘the one’.
Except, Fate had other ideas.
Unbeknown to Julie, she’d taken the wrong destiny path and Fate needed to put things right. It sent Julie back to when it started to all go wrong for her… back to 1972 when she was five years old.
One problem.
She had to occupy other people’s bodies and watch her life through their eyes, while trying to stop her former self from making the same wrong decisions.
It was as disconcerting as you could get!

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Excerpt from Chapter Five Wide Awake Asleep

My head was buzzing; thoughts that weren’t mine invaded my mind. I looked over at the mirror on the dresser, then back at the contents of the bag on the bed. I looked at my hands. I’d noticed they looked different before, but I’d ignored their appearance—had to ignore it, to preserve my sanity.

A stranger’s thoughts persisted in my head. Mundane things of another life that I didn’t belong to.

I looked at the mirror again, then rose and forced my legs to move forwards. I knew I’d look different, but the jolt of shock hit me anyway. Instead of seeing my own face, I saw a young woman with a thin, pockmarked face and awful buck teeth. Instead of my blonde no-nonsense bob, my hair was long and brown. A wave of nausea turned my stomach as I stared at my reflection. I should be seeing a forty-nine-year-old woman in her prime, not a twenty-something scraggy-haired woman. I should be immaculately made up with perfect teeth and skin, not… not this.

An unexpected thought popped into my head. Will I look more professional if I put my hair up or should I leave it down? It wasn’t my thought. It belonged to whoever’s body I was occupying.

One thought was spinning around in my mind—and it was mine: I had died in the crash, and this was some sort of afterlife.

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