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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

It's not Halloween! Spine-tingling true stories that can't be explained #paranormal #authorsconfess #spooky

Ever have something strange happen? Something you can't explain?
These authors reveal their spooky tales...

Judy Weir's story...

All of us student nurses were set free from classes one summer afternoon. We headed to the lake. No specific plans other than to see if there might be some handsome fellas looking to hook up with a bevy of pretty girls.
We decided to swim out to a raft a few dozen yards from the dock. None of us were prepared for a swim, and we jumped in wearing our clothes. Wearing jeans, I quickly became exhausted. Too late to turn around, I panicked. When they say a drowning person can’t scream – it’s true. The terror filled me with the desperate energy to thrash, but without a moment of coherent thought. When I sank beneath the lake’s surface for the third time, I collapsed to lie on the sandy bottom. As I blacked out, I thought of my family. Then it happened. I heard a voice. 
Clearly and calmly, he said, “If you stand, you can breathe.”

I barely registered the advice. It wasn’t my first experience with the paranormal. I had never made a big deal of out-of-body experiences, visions, and contact with my guides. But something made me listen to the urging. “If you stand, you can breathe.” The tone was incredibly benevolent.
As impossible as it should be, I was able to straighten my legs and stand. Sure enough. My nose reached just above the water. With a few gasps to fill my lungs, I swam back to the shore. A few days later at the nursing school residence, I thought about confessing my foolishness to my family. I phoned. My mother listened to my confession. There was a momentary silence but then asked what day had the near drowning occurred. When I answered, I heard her voice tremble with shock.
“I heard you,” she said. “And your father and brother, they heard you. They came running to the house saying they heard you scream. Their faces were white. We heard you scream on that day at that time.” When they had calmed down, my parents believed it was just a case of missing me since I’d never been away from home before. Some ‘screams’ are heard - hundreds of miles away. - Judy Weir author of Featherstone

Juli  D. Revezzo's story...

Sometimes, my rational/skeptical self says ghosts are all just fantasy. But sometimes, I do believe otherworldly beings can "meddle in our affairs" to some extent. 

I'm not sure they can affect us the way they affect characters in stories and movies (throwing bodies around and stuff like that), but I believe they're "real" in the same way that I believe landwights, Fates, faeries and plain ole bad luck are real *innocent look*.

Some of you may remember I've mentioned this before, when my father was a little boy, he swore he lived in a haunted house. He said one day he went into his closet (this big walk in thing) and the light went out. He stepped outside to find the switch had been thrown. He turned it back on and went back inside. The light went out again. He walked out to find the switch off. Annoyed, he went downstairs and asked his brothers if they were up there mucking around with him. The boys swore up and down they had nothing to do with the light. Dad says he was so freaked he slept under his bed that night to hide from them.

Jump up 70 years and we went to New York, and dad took us to see that old house. Maybe it was his stories, but when I looked in the window, cold chills chased up and down my skin. Were there ghosts in that house? I sure think so! - Juli D. Revezzo

Louise Wise's story...

I was doing normal ‘mummy’ things, making the dinner whilst keeping an eye on my two children in the other room (3 and 5 years old). They were always fighting between themselves, but had gone quiet so I popped my head around the door to see what they were up to and saw two unknown children watching TV, and unlike my two, who seemed to hate one another, these were holding hands.

Now, my eldest is blond and the youngest is dark-haired but in this instance I saw an older DARK-haired child watching the TV with a younger BLOND boy, which was totally the wrong way round, plus they were holding hands!. The image lasted briefly, then I was ‘seeing’ my two children again and predictably the older was NOT holding hands with the younger, in fact the younger was about to wallop the older with a cushion.

I just put the vision down to ‘one of those unexplained things’ but many years later (and another two children later) I recalled this event when I walked into the room to see my two new additions watching the TV. The elder was dark-haired, the younger was blond. They were holding hands.
- Louise Wise

Bill Johnson's tale...

Years ago, I had just started chiropractic treatment, getting my spine adjusted. After several sessions, I woke from sleep and noticed about a dozen feet from my bed (I was sleeping in a large family room) a distortion in the air about the size of a baseball, a few feet off the ground. The distortion floated over to my bed and entered my spine at the base.

As the distortion slowly rose up my spine, the small muscles that connect the vertebrae started clicking rapidly in turn. I could feel each tiny muscle.

The distortion then came out of my neck and came down to my left elbow, which was being treated for tennis elbow. The muscles in my elbow twitched and released tension.

Then the distortion moved down to my wrist, which was also being treated. The distortion was larger than my wrist, and as the muscles in my wrist twitched and released tension, the bedsheet by my wrist fluttered.

All this took 3-4 minutes, then the distortion left.
- Bill Johnson

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