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Sunday, 5 March 2017

For anyone who has suffered with #depression or #anxiety and received antidepresants, read this book! #nonfiction

Antidepressants are handed out like sweeties. Doctors are hurriedly writing prescriptions for patients to get them out of the waiting room without listening to the patients' needs--but on the other side of the coin patients are begging the doctor for a 'quick fix'.

There is no quick fix for depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses -- yup, said the M-word so rather than hurry to the GP for pills and potions, hurry to the GP for guidance on OTHER non-pill ways to get better.

Oh, and read this inspirational book! It could become your best friend.

Devil's Candy
Sam Garton

(SSRI) antidepressants medications have become the drug of choice for many across the world who suffer from such illnesses as depression and anxiety.
Science is finding that a growing number of people cannot properly metabolize these drugs.
That's when disaster strikes!

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Follow Sam Garton, just your average joe and content college student, through his presumptuous diagnosis of clinical depression, a prescription of the (SSRI) antidepressant drug, Prozac, and the behavior changes with evil thought processes that evolved into a sudden tragic/toxic event.

He welcomes you to journey with him from tragedy to recovery.

'Having survived the most vile and aggressive thoughts from within I offer tips and advice for people that may be suffering from the same effects of (SSRI) antidepressants.'

This book will give you the self-help guidance you need to overcome depression, anxiety, feelings of losing control and more.

Devil's Candy is a true story of survival from a prescription drug.

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