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Monday, 23 November 2015

Darwin's Delusion: A Great "Scientific" Joke #nonfiction

 Jianyi Zhang

The Darwinian Theory of Evolution is probably the most contentious scientific theory in the human history. Supporters revere it as the most magnificent and beautiful of theories. That being said, only a very small handful of people truly understand the meaning of Darwinism and neo-Darwinism as well as what they encompass. The majority of people only have scant knowledge of the theories, having only heard about them during biology classes, via mainstream media or through accolades from the scientific community. Consequently, they blindly believe whatever others say.


The purpose of this book is to enlighten readers to the fact that Darwinism is not the great theory it is made out to be. Rather, it is a lie – compounded by fantasy, imagination and contradictions. This theory has already been disproved by science in the succeeding century, but due to the mainstream scientific community’s sophistry and play on semantics, it has become entrenched as a flawless theory when it is in reality, a false science.

The first few articles in this book serve to introduce neo-Darwinism as well as analyze and evaluate the same, so that readers can grasp what this theory is all about. The Darwinian theoreticians often point out that their theory is supported by a vast amount of scientific evidence. In this book, the author illuminates us by dissecting this so-called modern scientific evidence and revealing it to be misleading, irrelevant and far-fetched.

A salient characteristic of a scientific theory is the inherent possibility to prove it to be false, also known as falsifiability. It follows then that a theory that is not falsifiable must be false science. Another reason why neo-Darwinism is perplexing is this – on the surface, it appears to be a scientific theory but in reality it is not falsifiable - it is merely a theory “masquerading” itself as science.

This book has also used several articles to analyze the harm and suffering inflicted on humanity as a consequence of the Darwinian theory and “Social Darwinism” (that derived from it). The Chinese are precisely the victims of this theory.

The first edition (Chinese) of this book was published in 2012 by Guangming Daily Press. In this English edition, 5 new articles and several illustrations were added, totaling 38 articles in all.

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