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Friday, 27 November 2015

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Imprisoned for brutal crimes against his wardens, Fly became an unwilling experiment and was transported, with other criminals, to a hostile planet. 
Full of mutiny, anger and a desire for revenge the experiment was never going to be successful and Fly became the only survivor when the craft crashed.
Then the human ship arrived -- and Jenny.

 With a malfunctioning spacecraft she was in for a fight for her life, but her problems were only just beginning when her crewmates abandon her on Eden.
Jenny's on her own... or so she thinks. 

♡ ♡

‘I’m scared’, Fly had said. He was never scared. He was her hero. Her rugged hero made up from all the romance books she’d read. Big, bold and beautiful—in an alien kind of way.
Jenny's from Earth. Fly's from Itor. By a quirk of fate they met. She tamed him and they fell in love. They live idyllic lives in a protected corner of the world away from the wolf-like people and savage tribes of Neanderthals, and when Jenny discovers she’s pregnant they feel things can’t get any more perfect.

 But things are changing outside their little kingdom. The wolf-people are disbanding and someone, or something, appears to be hunting the Neanderthals. Fly makes provisions to protect all that’s dear to him, but then he just doesn’t return home. Jenny knows he’s alive somewhere, but alone with her baby daughter, is she equipped to deal with the new horror that awaits her?

This sequel will have you turning the pages wondering if happy ever afters are possible in this conclusion to Eden. 

♡ ♡

She's losing her job.
She's losing her boyfriend.
She can only afford to eat spaghetti hoops on toast.
She's called Charlie... or Charlotte, or ginger, ginge, Duracell,
Yet with all these odds against her, she pushes forward to
take the lead story on her paper at London Core.

 Shame no one knows. Shame she's the office general assistant and not a real journalist.
Shame it's on missing prostitutes and Charlie thinks pretending to be a 'tart
with a heart' will get her that story.
She doesn't just get a story.
She becomes the starring role.
♡ ♡


‘Cinders’ Valerie Anthrope has two ugly conditions holding her back: insomnia and paranoia. 
Her fairy godmother is overbearing Ellen Semple, who interferes in all aspects of Valerie’s life. 
Prince Charming is the delectable Lex Kendal who relentlessly pursues Valerie. 
The glass slipper is Boots the cat. A furry friend that Valerie loses and must find before happiness can squish her ugly ‘sisters’.

This version is darker than the average fairy-tale—just like The Brothers Grimm intended.
Tissues are a must! 
♡ ♡

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