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Sunday, 4 October 2015

If you like #contemporary #romance, check out this extract from Early Bird Cafe

Excerpt from the book 
Early Bird Cafe
Carrie Aulenbacher

I felt vindicated hearing that he knew he’d screwed things up between us. I tried to keep my anger in check.

“What’s done is done. We haven’t been . . . doing the best job, but what matters now is right now.” I hardly knew where the wisdom had come from.

“I don’t know what to say.” His voice was low and very sad.

“Say if you want me to go or not,” I suggested.

Walking over to the ashtray again, he grounded out his cigarette. After a minute of standing with his back to me again, I realized he was crying. I walked over to him and initiated a hug, knowing now wasn’t the time to hash out anything else. With our cheeks touching, we held each other. He was silent, but his breathing was jerky, and a tear touched my face. I tried not to think of my own parents’ mortality.

“My dad’s dead,” he said into my hair in a very small voice.

“I know, Jim.” I put a hand to his hair, to feel it, to comfort him. “I’m so sorry.”

“Come with me,” he whispered. I nodded against his cheek. He squeezed me harder.

~Early Bird Café excerpt, page 131

When Jim takes the chance of writing a twist to the standard romance by writing about his best friend, Eve, he doesn’t expect the Fates to ‘throw the book’ back at him.

From a stint in the hospital to meeting with the promiscuous and free-spirited Kate, his writing intentions stall and his friendship is jeopardized by his choices.

For Eve, her days start at the Early Bird Café with Jim, and she can’t imagine life without him.  But, without knowing what his latest project is about, though seeing him and Kate get closer hurts – she would rather see him happy than anything else.  She knows she can’t compete and would rather stay Jim’s friend than lose him forever.  

When Jim’s father suddenly passes away, Jim and Eve are forced to confront their feelings about each other.  They see that their relationship isn’t one that can last with Kate in the picture. 

 But Kate has other plans…are Jim’s choices such that his true love will remain just a story in a book?  Or will he and Eve get their chance to find that happy ever after they’ve been waiting for?

About Carrie Aulenbache in her own words...
I’m a logistics secretary and mom by day, author by night who has taken the leap into sending my book baby out into the world and have been ecstatic about the journey so far.  A sequel is being worked on and I’m pushing for a freebie romance “The Place Between Places” to be a Christmas giveaway to my newsletter subscribers.  I’m also a writer for Fridge Magazine and iUrban.org.

I feel this appeals to those who feel other parts of their life might have gotten too much priority…and they have missed their chance at real love.  I hope readers feel uplifted in believing that love, for them, might be no further away than right across the table.

Author links:
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G+: google.com/+CarrieAulenbacher1
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Fridge: fridgemagazine.com/author/aully1/
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