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Monday, 29 June 2015

Writing confessions wanted #authors #writers #wip #authors #bloggers #confessions #authorconfessions

 Wanted: Writers!
Let's do this again for spring 2017!
Who wants to play?

For the summer, my theme on WWBB is 'confessions of a writer'. 

I want fun author confessions (or a list 1 to 10 naughty confessions) of 100 to 500 words to make a blog post.

Writing confessions can be funny, shocking, bad, silly... and they make us human. We're all fallible to mistakes. So be proud of them and tell all!

If you're interested in sharing your confessions send me an email  for more info, or just send me the entire confession together with your author media (links, book art, blurb) asap and I'll get you on the blog!

All articles on WWBB will appear on Facebook shared on Twitter via Triberr. Books will be sent to Book Junkies on Pinterest.

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