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Sunday, 10 May 2015

I may be cynical, but...

here goes...

There are writers who plan each and every step. They look into the book market and carefully plan the type of book they should write. Before they've even written a word they have looked how to market it, the cover, title, which editor and illustrator to use. They've calculated their costs, and have probably spammed millions of people for donations. Their book is fifty pages in length. It was many more pages, but said author realised that if he cuts the book into portions he can create a 'need' for the book and generate more money.

The book will likely to be on two scales: bland or hardcore but either scale will be emotionless--the passion from the writer-who-loves-to-write is not there only the business man/woman. The plot, though, will be well thought out and developed.

They will embellish their sales, call their book a 'best seller' and have a budget to buy reviews (which they will include in every email signature).

Then there are those who write because they love to write. It probably began as a hobby. Scribbling away until a biased person said, 'Hey, that's good. Why don't you publish.' And they published without an editor, uploading their cover from a stock photo gallery (without sizing). Their characters, with the exception of the token bad guy and the token death, will all be the same.

EVERYONE will have a name and a POV--even the postman. They will either put the book up free and expect it to fly off the cyber shelves, or over price it and STILL expect it to fly off the shelves. When the one-star review comes in they will complain to Amazon and post their disquiet on forums, or worse, argue with their reviewers on forums.

Then there are those who probably started out writing as a hobby like the above, but unlike the above, they knew there was room for improvement. They probably took themselves off to a creative writing class, maybe brushed up on their English. These authors have many, many unpublished MS in a dusty cupboard somewhere. They crave to learn their craft. Lap up any bad reviews and see where they can improve. They beg people to be honest about their work and become frustrated when people are not. They have probably sent their MS for evaluation and SPENT money on their talent.

They are either silent about their sales or brag to anyone who will listen, they may even embellish or woe-is me-no-sales (we all have our faults).

There may be a little bit of each in all of us. 

But those who are 'discovered overnight', you can be rest assured, they've been tearing their hair out over their books and writing for many, many years just like the rest of us.

Keepy calm, keep writing. 

Jenny was stranded, but was she alone? 
paperback coming soon

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