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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Alison Neuman on how social media is important to her

For us authors, social media is important. Not only are we able to keep readers and friends up-to-date with our writing but also with the life events of others. Currently, it is impossible for me to travel so social media allows me to reach my destinations from the comfort of home, and I love that opportunity it's given me.

In the past few years, there has been a huge shift to the Internet. Blog tours are a great example of this and an excellent way to promote your books. How it works is that the author visits several blogs and they are introduced to a new audience.

I have heard of authors who have been made into bestsellers just because of social media.It’s a tool in the authors’ promotional toolkit that should not be overlooked. Although, we have to be careful. When I get continuing posts from individuals trying to sell me products, I must admit, I tune out. When that happens, we are losing a potential relationship. For myself, I plug Ice Rose during the holiday buying season and for blog tours or events. Just enough to keep my book out there, but not enough to cause offence.

Like most authors worldwide, I like to share activities and events that are going on with my career, but my blog isn't only focused on writing, it's also about the arts and crafts. A writer once advised me to post a new blog every two weeks, but I find this challenging. Finding fresh topics can be difficult and I wonder how other bloggers manage it.

And, I admit, when I write my posts, I do not always focus on how worldwide social media can reach. So when, few years ago, I posted a blog on a cookie bouquet that I was making, and received a comment from a reader in Germany I was very shocked and pleased.

Ice Rose 

A teenager’s world is turned upside down when an explosion steals her dad and her identity. Entering an exclusive academy that immerses her in the world of secret agents, she must overcome her fears and disabilities to discover the truth about her dad’s mission, his software, and the mystery man stalking her before she ends up like her father — lost.

Alison Neuman 
Alison Neuman lives in Alberta, Canada, where she is a freelance writer and lyricist. Nearing the end of her studies for the Bachelor of Applied Communications Degree program at Grant MacEwan College, she was inspired to complete the first draft of  Ice Rose. The pace of secret agent books and movies gave her an unlimited playground for  imagination. Music and performing are passions she was able to bring into her writing and build into her characters.

Alison’s writing has appeared in “MacEwan Today”, “Westword”, and the “Edmonton Journal” along with three tracks on the CD release Outside The Window. Co-writing the screenplay adaptation of the book Whale Songwith author Cheryl Kaye Tardif exposed her to the world of screenwriting, which she hopes to continue to examine further in the future. Alison also has been writing shorter pieces of non-fiction, one entitled Establishing Roots, that earned a top ten ranking in the Edmonton Stories contest. This past spring she was a winner in The Expressions of Hunger Contest in the Emotional Poetry category. Her piece Undeniable Craving was on display in June and July in various artistic locations across the city of Edmonton.  She has completed a final edit of her memoir “Searching For Normal” and is currently writing her next young adult manuscript.

When not writing creatively, Alison  is editing or writing for her business, Sandy Tree Communications.


  1. Great post. Thank you for hosting today :)

  2. I think the cover really makes me thing of heartbreak, the rose is to tied to romantic love, and then the frost and the blood are images that tie to pain, loss, solitude, so I'd say if this was the cover to a book about love, loss, heartbreak, death, we'd be good, anything else might throw me off!