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Saturday, 22 June 2013

I've come to the conclusion that there are TWO groups of authors:

Before Internet and With Internet
Are you a BI or a WI Author?

After reading writer forums and listening to various authors over the years, I’ve realised that authors come in two groups:

Group 1 are those before POD and the eBook revolution (BI has nothing to do with sexuality but all to do with ‘before Internet’). 

The BI authors have done their time in sending out submissions (after finding suitable publishers/agents in the Authors and Agents Handbook bought from a brick and mortar shop, or hired from a library [(noun) (plural libraries) a building or room containing reference or borrowing books]. They have hoards of rejection slips. There were no email submissions and it was trips to post offices, standing in queues, postage paying, and waiting for a reply (if lucky) before starting the submission all over again.

They know the newly discovered best-seller is an author who has been struggling for decades before his or her 'over night' success.

Group 2 are the authors who grew up with POD and eBooks and where publishers are easily accessible by email (or social media ie Twitter, Facebook) and their guidelines are clearly visible on the Internet at the click of a button (WI authors—with Internet). 

They grumble about no sales, they feel like giving up, moan about Amazon ‘not helping’ and are upset when they get ‘rubbish’ or no reviews.

They dump their book's title with its companying link all over social media sites without as much as a reading the host's guidelines, and their cheery salutation 'enjoy' sounds like a threat.

BI authors have grasped this publishing opportunity and are/have studied the ‘author platform’ and/or are making strides in developing one. They know ‘success’ isn’t over-night, they know if the book isn’t selling AT ALL then something is wrong: wrong cover, blurb, the hook in ‘look inside’ isn’t strong enough, stale tags, wrong marketing strategy, or worse, not using social media at all (palpitations!). 

The BI authors know that once their book is published their work ISN’T over, but only just beginning and it DOESN’T stop. 


So, are you a BI or a WI author?

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