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Friday, 26 April 2013

Miss Anthrope on TOUR!


The Fall of the Misanthrope has been on a tour since February. She’s been showing her face all over the blogsphere and it’s been tremendous fun!

On Francine LaSala’s blog I was interviewed and asked questions about my books and my blog, so if there is anything you want to know about me then head on over for a look. Pam Funke allowed me to spotlight Misanthrope and there is a HUGE picture of me (ugh!) so be warned. On Monique McDonell’s blog I wrote an article called Chick Lit in all its Sub-Genre Glory, and we talk about the many sub-genre’s in romance and how DIFFERENT they are.

Misanthrope even made in on to Parent Bloggers Network where she was reviewed (btw am I the only one who gives my books a gender?); this was out of the blue so REALLY pleased about this one.

Over on Mike Cooley’s blog Misanthrope is spotlighted again with a short excerpt. The excerpt is when Valerie, my character, realises she fancies Lex Kendal, but she daren’t get into a relationship with him and so wants the next best thing—a one night stand. 

On Tracy James Jones’ blog I wrote an article titled: Can men ever be REAL men in women’s romance? Well can they? Head on over to see what that’s all about. Isabella Louise Anderson allowed me to post the entire first chapter so you might want to check that out before purchasing, or jump to Cindy Roesel’s blog for her review on Misanthrope. It says it all really.

The Fall of the Misanthrope: I bitch therefore I am

Valerie Anthrope learned, from a young age, to hold tight to her emotions. Her days are spent keeping people at arm's length while she has conceded her nights will be forever haunted by disturbing dreams. 

Her life isn’t prepared for the bubbly and assertive Ellen, who believes she’s been put on this earth to help everyone she encounters. Ellen introduces Valerie to the sexy, but equally upbeat, playboy Lex Kendal.
Valerie’s not interested. Lex is and pursues Valerie. Then Valerie’s dreams become more sinister until, finally, she learns why. 
A modern Cinderella with Valerie's emotions playing the ugly sisters, Ellen enacting the fairy godmother, Lex Kendal playing a flirty Prince Charming and instead of a glass slipper, furry Boots. 

Can Lex win her before her dreams take control AKA midnight?