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Thursday, 7 March 2013

To all editors out there--you're bloody AMAZING!

I got into trouble on Amazon recently. I joined a group of writers with the aim to write a collection of shorts for a novel. I was designated 'gatekeeper' (knocking back the bad, and allowing the good to pass through). The stories were interesting, that's just keep it at that. But I couldn't say no to anyone! The passion, the heat, love and tears had gone into those stories and so I decided to edit them, every last one.

And some of you may know, I take it VERY seriously. I'm anal about commas, apostrophes and all things punctuation--as one should be in writing. I'm sharp on POV, dialogue and tightening up.

The only thing I'm not too hot on is grammar and spelling (why I hire editors for my own work, and probably why the odd error is found on this blog).

Anyway, I settled down to edit the entries often staying up late to get finished (there was a deadline), and I think I forgot that these stories weren’t mine. I highlighted every little POV slip, put an exclamation against any errant comma, made comments against over-wordiness then basically rewrote the entire thing!

Did I say I was anal about editing?

It didn’t go down well with the authors. Where’s my voice, they cried.

Er, I wrote it out, said I. Want it back?

Well, duh, yeah.

I unedited, and they were happy.

My point, apart from discovering how anal I was about editing, is that the next time you see your editor give them a big sloppy kiss.

They deserve it!

Come here, John! MuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaahhHHHH !


  1. Know what you mean about editing!Happy International Women's Day, Louise!

  2. Thank you Carole, *whispers* never realised. :/

    Thanks for connecting, Rosalind.