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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Sexy romance from Nancy Lawson "for the more mature reader".

Nancy Lawson's début novel - Somewhere after Seduction

Betrayed by her own body, Morgan's memories of love and security were becoming a dream of her past.

Slowly, his sure hands untied the red negligee, letting it drop to the floor. Forcing her to step back into the light, he took his time, devouring her body with his eyes. Watching her, he felt his body respond. He undressed. She stood frozen in place. His eyes held her body captive, the light from outside cast shadows on her curves. He held her in place, an arm’s length away, caressing her body with his hungry eyes. He whispered, “Don’t close your eyes. Look at me.”

His hand moved, dwelling over the curves of her breasts, their eyes locked on each other. He kissed her taut nipples bringing their pink tips to crested peaks. His hand slid slowly and softly up her leg, tormenting her while she stood in the dim light, until flames of passion burned within both of them.

Nancy Lawson has granted me an EXCLUSIVE interview here on Wise Words next month. So watch this space! 

Somewhere After Seduction is available to buy NOW

Somewhere After Seduction... 
you know you want to

Morgan Reynolds ability to overcome adversity, replacing it with optimistic dreams, put her on a course in life where she attracted success and love. Married to Ben Reynolds, together they raised their son Cam, and developed a thriving Real Estate management business. Both their careers flourished affording them a beautiful penthouse overlooking, Washington DC, monuments and a luxury yacht.

Neither realized the handsome bachelor rogue, Drake Taylor, whose yacht, docked next to theirs, would impact their future. Morgan’s naïve heart wasn’t prepared for the path her relationships would take. 
Betrayed by her own body she wonders what happens “Somewhere After Seduction”.


  1. Quite the seductive piece going on here. I like this kind of writing.

  2. Thank you Michael for taking the time to post your comments and the compliment. :) Nancy

  3. No, I would not classify the book as erotica. It's a romance/love story with some sizzling love scenes. Morgan Reynolds, finds her body betrays her when she encounters someone who is a master at seduction.

  4. Everyone saying that's a love story and with very sizzling scenes, so, it could be. We love it too very much. Anyone can tell me some more movies like that.