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Monday, 18 July 2011

It's always nice when you get a good review...

... slight understatement! I was overwhelmed!

A Proper Charlie
Review by Rea Book Review

Rea Book Review of A Proper Charlie:

This is another one of those books where I read the synopsis and think is this really going to be a piece of me? I will always give a book which is submitted to me to review a chance but if by the end of the first chapter it really doesn’t interest me I do not carry on. I am glad this is not what happened with this novel. The story gets off to a comfortable start introducing us to our main character Charlie who seems to lack confidence in herself and her life just seems to be heading in the wrong direction. I instantly take a liking to Charlie from the moment we met her.

At the beginning of the book we have to different storylines running alongside each other which eventually merge together. We have the insight into our main character Charlie and her troubles on one hand and then on the other hand we meet Ben Middleton who has just lost his mother but that is where his problems only just begin. I feel the structure of this book worked well by bringing to separate stories together as it gave us, the reader, a chance to see the insight of both Charlie and Ben’s lives.

I loved Ben, we warm to him just as quickly as we do Charlie and I would say he is one of my favourite male characters I have ever read. If you like the character Luke Brandon in the Shopaholic series you will love Ben.

For the rest of the review please head over to Rea Book Reviews


  1. Fabulous! It feels amazing to receive positive reviews. Fabulous doesn't actually describe it, really does it? I usually walk around on cloud nine for days afterwards!
    Well done... I'm sure its very well deserved indeed!

  2. A good review is like a compliment. A bad review then might be like an insult. So is it better to be complimented than insulted? Ayep...any day of the week.

  3. Thank you my lovelies. See, it's got me talking in endearments!!:D

  4. This is awesome Louis. You should come and be a part of http://www.independentauthors.org/ which is relatively new but growing constantly. We are trying to show that professionalism in indie publishing helps the whole indie community to get more credibility. I think you define the characteristics of professional yet comfortable. (besides we need some more female authors over there...shh) If you haven't done so you might want to check out the latest Call Sign Wrecking Crew on the Run blog.

  5. Fab review.... I hope you celebrated!

  6. Thank you Lynn and Pauline. Thanks for the link mention, Lynn, I'll certainly check it out.