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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Pet Hates from an Agent's Point of View

1.  Submission of an ENTIRE ms that wasn't asked for.

2.  Submission not adhered to the guidelines.

3.  No SAE.

4.  Requesting payment ASAP.

5.  Paperclips.

6.  Staples!

7.  Begging/threatening/soppy letters.

8.  Handwritten submissions (does happen).

I've (I admit to this now only because I was young and ignorant, and now I'm old and clever...ish) done numbers 1 and 2. Number one because I thought it'd save time for when they (obviously) requested my full ms. Number two because I just knew they'd fall in love with my sci-fi even though it was clearly a romance list I'd submitted to.


  1. LOL! I remember being green! So glad I'm not anymore!

  2. Add number 9: No Text submissions!