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Thursday 25 April 2024

Heard of an 'elevator' pitch? Here's how you can extend it to a one-paged synopsis #writerchat #writingcommunity

 Imagine being trapped in a lift (elevator) with a publisher and having only a few minutes to present your book. What would you say? You have two minutes or less to impress that agent or publisher. Here's how to break it down:

- In 20 seconds, introduce yourself and your book, addressing the person by name.

- In 30 seconds, summarize your book concisely using brief and direct sentences. Who are the characters? What genre is the book? Be enthusiastic and avoid sounding apologetic.

- In 30 seconds, explain what distinguishes your book or yourself. What is unique about your writing style?

- In15 seconds, identify other authors or books with a readership that would likely enjoy your book.

- In 20 seconds, discuss your writing experience. If this is your first book, discuss any competitions you've participated in and highlight any accomplishments such as being shortlisted.

- In 20 seconds, provide an update on your book's marketing progress.

- In 15 seconds, share any feedback you've received from readers.

- In the final 10 seconds, express gratitude for their attention and offer them a copy of your book if you have one. Remember to give them your business card if you have it.

Practice your pitch in front of a mirror until you are fluent and without any "ums" or "you knows" dropping in. Practice your smile, record yourself speaking, and see where you start rambling or become unstuck.

You can use this formula to draft your synopsis, adjusting the seconds to line count. Keep it brief, preferably on one side of an A4 page. Font point 10 is just acceptable (but try to keep it point 12). You can adjust the margins to fit it all on one page.

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