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Thursday, 15 November 2018

๐Ÿ’‹An interview with an erotic writer – Louisa Berry @rararesources @louisaberry69 #swinging #erotica #fiction #author #interview

Vanilla Extract

vanilla (adj)

Having no special or extra features; ordinary or standard

Extract (v)

Remove or take out

Select for quotation, performance or reproduction


This could really be it. Snuggled up on his sofa on a cold Sunday afternoon watching a film. It felt so natural; so right. The log fire raging, red wine flowing, she was completely at ease in his arms. She knew he was a good man. She could tell, even though it was only weeks into this new relationship. He was honest, reliable and kind and he had huge potential as her partner, not to mention a body to die for. So why in the back of her mind did this niggling question keep raising its weary head? Instead of enjoying the moment and melting further into his well-defined chest, over and over again she wondered; “should I send the black latex cat suit back...?”

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When recently separated Lou decided to embark on a new chapter of her life, she had no idea where this journey of self and sexual discovery would lead.
Her lustful appetite for adventure was re-awakened and with every new, tantalising, naughty meeting Lou’s confidence grew, as did her need for more.
 An interview with an erotic writer -
๐Ÿ’‹Louisa Berry

How many unpublished books do you have lurking under your bed/in your cupboard?

I have only published the one book so far, Vanilla Extract, but my second book is out at the end of November.  I seem to be on a roll, as the third book has just been started and will be out next year.  I haven’t ever started writing a book and not finished it, but then again, I’m relatively new to this.  I do write a genre that seems to flow (excuse the pun).

Are your family/friends supportive of the genre you write in?

Because I write erotic fiction, I have to be a little bit careful here. My friends and family know all about my work and are supportive.  Some have told me, however, that they don’t want to read it, as it might be just a little bit too close to home as such, and they might get embarrassed by some of the explicit scenes. 

My older children also know and have even helped with my social media accounts, but my younger ones are just a little too young to understand what Mum writes about. 

Promoting is something ALL authors struggle with. How are you managing yours?

Promoting your book could be a full-time job if you didn’t already have a full-time job, children and a house to run!

I find that social media can be your friend if you use it well and frequently. I have built up a following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and regularly post snippets of the script on them, as well as other related pictures and quotes that appeal to my audiences. 

What I really want is for Vanilla Extract to go viral as word of mouth spreads and people get to hear about it. 

Does writing energise or exhaust you?

Writing both energises me and exhausts me!  Writing can be therapeutic, productive and rewarding all at the same time.  It can be tiring when you find yourself still typing late into the night, and you know you have to be up early for work the next day.  On the flip side, writing is a perfect way to pass long journeys, particularly on trains and planes. 

Does (and how) your protagonist change/learn by the end of the book?

Lou develops her self-confidence, and how to react in situations that she has never found herself in before.  She is at an age where she doesn’t have to follow the rules she once took for granted in her married life.  Instead, Lou is finding now that she can pick and choose what scenario she wants to play out and with whom. 

Who would be your dream cast if your novel was made into a movie?

I’m torn with who my lead lady would be.  She has to be strong, intelligent and sexy.  A few contenders I’ve thought of are Emily Blunt, Natascha McElhone or Kate Beckinsale.  She has to be English to make it authentic and true to the book. 

How did you come up with the title of Vanilla Extract?

Given that the book is all about Lou exploring different sexual encounters and taking herself away from the confines of her traditional marriage, Vanilla Extract seemed the most appropriate and fitting title. 

Vanilla is the most chosen ice cream flavour, and it has come to represent the ‘norm’ when referring to sexual intercourse, e.g. missionary position.  The ‘extract’ part is all about Lou taking herself away from exactly that as she embarked on her journey of self and sexual discovery. 

Can you share a few lines from your best review of this book?

From Poppy on Amazon:

“…The confidence this lady has is just mind-blowing and I would love some of her energy ha ha!  This book has definitely made me take a step back and look at life and how much more fun it can be!!  Well written and some laugh out loud moments!  Thanks Louisa Berry - looking forward to the next one!!!”

What was the purpose of writing Vanilla Extract, e.g., to teach, to inform?

This erotic book was not written to teach people anything in particular, but it intended to change opinions.  Swinging has traditionally been seen as a sordid world in which ‘those people’ are seedy and dirty.  Swingers allegedly sleep with everyone who goes to those sorts of parties, and it’s all very lucrative. 

Instead, my research has shown that anyone with a high sex drive and a curious nature, who wants to explore their desires and push boundaries, can do precisely that. 

There are also rules and guidelines for doing that safely, which Lou learns along the way and imparts her knowledge humorously.  Lou humanises this subject and makes it relatable. 

Do the issues raised in your book affect your life/other people’s lives?

Apparently, issues raised in Vanilla Extract have affected other people’s lives.  One woman said it was her lightbulb moment; that she didn’t have to sleep with her date just because he bought her dinner.  This was something she hadn’t considered before.  She discovered that she was empowered and could say “no thank you.”

Another Facebook ‘friend’ contacted me and said, “Not to sound too rude but your book has helped me and my wife have fireworks again!”  What a brilliant reaction and very rewarding I have to say.


An American reader told me he read the book twice in quick succession: the first time he was shocked by the honesty and the humour and the second time he took notes as he was using Vanilla Extract as a guidebook!   

Author Info:
Vanilla Extract is Louisa Berry’s first published work.  
Louisa lives in Hertfordshire with her four children.  When she’s not on ‘Mum duties,’ she works full time in the finance sector at Canary Wharf in London. 

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