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Friday, 5 January 2018

The first draft of everything is shit. -Ernest Hemingway #guestposts #writers #authors #promo

The theme for February 2018 is ‘how to/tips of the (writing) trade’.
To take advantage of this FREE promo event all you need to do is write a guest post of 300 - 900 words approx. giving advice, offering tips, revealing what worked for you or simply sharing a drafted scene from your novel to finished article (if you dare!).
Maybe you ace at the sex scenes? Or your dialogue sparkles? Or your scene development is wonderfully created? Can you offer advice on how it’s done?

Subject ideas:

1.     Ten tips for authors.

2.     How social media helps (or hinders) to find an audience for your work/your experiences.

3.     What I learned as a writer.

4.     How to deal with criticism.

5.     How to write a successful synopsis.

6.     How are ideas formulated/plot building.

7.     What to do at book signings/discuss your book signing

8.     What NOT to do!

9.     Anything that helped you writing your block-buster, share it here!

Guest posts can be confrontational, rude, funny or just informative posts.

All participants will have their book tweeted, sent to Facebook and placed on Book Junkies. Send your book cover, blurb, purchase links and author media to email

This is open to anyone: fiction, poetry, non-fiction, erotica (no porn), comic strips, plays.

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