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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

For lovers of Game of Thrones, check out Amara's Legacy by @EHHowardUK #GoT #fantasy

Amara's Legacy
E H Howard

The riches of Broadfields, the largest estate in Garalandia, prove an irresistible bauble to the usurper, Mordacai. The lands could be claimed by force, or more simply acquired by his son marrying the female heir, Gemma.

Fleeing a match she considers to be a fate worse than death, Gemma has a choice: seek anonymity in the guise of a mercenary warrior, or to fight back.

Book #2
Her Serenian upbringing ensured training in deadly combat from birth. Gemma can survive where others would die. She has no intention of becoming a trophy bride and any man hoping to subdue her had better know the consequences.

Gemma has a plan. Even if she has to bathe in blood, consort with magic and face the impossible, her secret alliance with Merrilina, witch of the Wizard Council, means the head wearing the crown should rest uneasily.

Let battle commence …

Excerpt from 
Amara's Legacy (Shudalandia Series Book 2) 
Chapter One
Gemma wiped away her tears with the back of her hand. What the hell did Frona and her mother expect? Whenever she won, they told her she was too cruel. If she lost, they mocked her as too soft. Thrippas, she was fighting the best warriors the arena could offer. If she didn’t win, the whole plan would fail.

The bitter wind dried her cheeks. She tugged her woollen cloak tight, burrowing into the fur collar. Behind her, silver moonlight glinted off the slate roofs of the town. Resting her elbows on the granite crenellations of the city wall, she stared out.

A single road of hard-packed earth carved across the pastures. Far out of sight, the track would rise, winding through the mountains, dipping through the only viable land route out of Serenia, The Gap. It was the only way home, but home was the last place she wanted to be. She corrected herself, the place she couldn’t be.

Too maudlin! A sprinkle of Baran stardust would sort her out. Her stomach churned. She glanced around, instantly feeling guilty and hoping nobody had witnessed how easily she’d given in to the craving.

She’d promised to stop using the drug. Since stardust had crept onto the scene, too many had been lost to its snare. She still had a stash, a small number of the pouches Torrin had slipped to her. She flushed at how she’d paid for them. A ring of her mother’s and … the memories of that night remained chopped up; a tangle of limbs, giggling, kissing and caressing in darkness.

He was nice. If only Torrin had the power to help her.

She scurried down the steps, slowing to marvel at how quiet the streets were. If she hadn’t paused, the scuff of a leather sole on cobbles would have gone unnoticed. Under pain of death, visitors to Serenia weren’t allowed edged weapons, but not all weapons are edged. Reaching into her waistband she slid on her knuckleduster.

“At least you’re alert,” Frona’s blocky figure stepped from the shadows. “You dusted?” Her mentor stared into Gemma’s eyes, obviously trying to see if she’d already indulged.

“No!” Hoping to hide her blush, Gemma forced Frona back into the alleyway. She wrapped the older woman in a fierce hug, tracing her tongue up her neck before sealing her mouth with a kiss.

Resting her head on Frona’s shoulder, she inhaled the scent of leather, perfume and the unique musk that combined to create Frona’s exquisite aroma. “I’m such a fool,” Gemma admitted.

“Passionate, maybe stubborn, but not a fool.” Frona drew Gemma back into the kiss. Her other hand loosened Gemma’s cloak, allowing their bodies to mould against each other.
Gemma’s voice became a husky whisper. “A fumble in an alleyway?”

“I’ve done worse.”

“We’ve done worse.”

Grabbing handfuls of Frona’s hair, Gemma surrendered.

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