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Friday, 5 May 2017

Author Secrets! Confessions of a romance writer by @FaithMortimer #authorconfessions

Faith Mortimer reveals her confession... 
'I have a dreadful confession of which I am ashamed of now due to possible later ramifications...
When I was young and shameless, working for a large travel company, there was one male who preyed on women for one night sex stands. We girls were heartily sick of him despite his good looks and charming lies...worse of all he was married.
At one work do it was my turn to catch his eye. I let him smooch over me on the dance floor, and without him knowing I planted a perfect deep red rosebud lipstick kiss on his pristine dress shirt collar.
When he was told by a friend later he went berserk and left the dinner dance. I felt satisfied until later when I wondered about his wife and how she'd discover it. I only hope he changed his pathetic, horrible ways.'
A Very Distant Affair

A new novel of women's literature from international bestselling author Faith Mortimer.

Cheryl Taylor, a landscape artist appears to have it all. Apart from fame and fortune, her attentive husband Daniel is brilliant at managing her business matters. Cheryl has allowed him full rule of her affairs from the day they were married…but twenty years later, she wonders whether she shouldn’t be quite so naive. Daniel is controlling and as she learns from one friend during an intimate conversation. “Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend you know. They are a man’s best friend. They’re great at getting men off the hook, and keeping their women quiet.”

Feeling uncomfortable and troubled over her friend’s warning, Cheryl decides there is more to life than being successful and at the beck and call of a manipulative husband. She sets out to find what she really wants from life, and to her horror, discovers one earth-shattering secret after the next.
Website: Faith Mortimer

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