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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Enter a world of mystery and magic with Wizard of Kharathad #fantasy

The Wizard of Kharathad
Matia ben Ephraim    

Ever wonder where all the honourable heroes of pure heart and selfless intentions went?
You'll find them in The Wizard of Kharathad in the enchanting land of Doronloch, where the supernatural is an everyday thing and mythological creatures come alive in the vibrant setting of their world.
Raised on a farmstead situated a few miles outside the town of Kharathad, Dogalas was a young man solid and true, just like all Kharathidian men were brought up to be. It was a common practice that lads between sixteen and eighteen springs of age would train under the wise Wizard of the Tower, in order to become semizards.
Dogalas, forever curious as to the detailed workings of magic, intended to follow in their footsteps and find out for himself what it meant to be a semizard. Little did he know the perils that awaited him on his path, the secrets that abounded in his own past and the hidden destiny of his future.
Enter a world of mystery and magic, replete with incredible creatures (from gnomes to dragons and beyond), enchanting characters, diverse locations, and unlock the door to the magic within with The Wizard of Kharathad - the book that keeps on living.

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