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Sunday, 26 February 2017

An epic adventure for audiences of #YAfiction. When superheroes go bad! #fantasy #YAbooks

The Sorceress's Apprentice: Plan-B
(Elder Codex Book 1)
J.L Lahey

     Badger, an eight-year-old orphan, has spent his entire life hiding in books, reading of the heroic deeds performed by valiant knights and courageous adventurers. 
     While attempting to save the lives of his fellow orphans he manifests a magic like power.  He soon learns that using this power comes with a great risk to his own life.
     A beautiful sorceress, clad all in black, soon arrives with an offer to adopt him and teach him how to properly wield his powers.
     Once they leave, he learns that the sorceress is really the leader of a group of adventurers, and they're not the type of heroes that he has ever read about in books.  They’re the kind that steal, get drunk, rob graves, loot tombs, and shoot people in the back.  They basically only do what they need to in order to have a really good time.
     Badger is wondering what type of tale has he gotten into, because he has never read a story quite like this one.

J.L. Lahey dwells in Arizona. He is currently writing stories for the Elder Codex fantasy series, The Tails of The Nine fantasy series and a amnesic paranormal mystery set in Las Vegas.
When he is not writing, he enjoys obsessing over role-playing games, girls, renaissance festivals, on-line games, comics and riding his motorcycle in the rain. He meets weekly, with his gaming group to discus different facets of world domination.

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