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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Stories for little ones, check out this excerpt from Charlie Rabbit discovers Christmas Day

 Excerpt from the book 
Charlie Rabbit Discovers
Christmas Day
Ian Davis

‘WOW,’ said Charlie out loud in a very excited fashion.
He walked slowly outside with a crunching sound beneath his boots as he walked. His eyes were open in a wide gaze as he looked all around him.
‘Everythings white,’ he said to himself. ‘The trees are white, the grass is white, the bushes are white ... everything's white!’
Excerpt From 'Goes to the Zoo'.

Red's mother had packed a picnic for all of them to share.
"Are you sure about what they have here?" asked Charlie. "I had never heard of rhinopotamusses before."
"Well I may have got that a little wrong," replied Red, 'but I think that's what mother said!"


Ian Davis is the author of children's fiction short stories. 

His 2014 additions include: No Fluffy Animals, a collection of short stories, a mix of sci-fi, ghost stories and supernatural tales for the 12 plus age group.

Also Charlie Rabbit-The Visitor which is a follow on story to the Charlie Rabbit's Adventures series of stories

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