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Friday, 11 December 2015

A reluctant princess...a farm girl sharing memories with her dead twin... it's all here in this #fantasy novel

Amanda Orneck

Betrayal has come to Shadowhaven, and a power mad wizard has overthrown the kingdom, bent on capturing their store of magic hidden beneath the castle. The royal guard have been sent off on a mysterious mission. Without their trusted warriors to protect them, the kingdom falls overnight. The queen is dead, and the king and princess have fled for their lives. Now only terror reigns over this once peaceful land. 

But the royal guard are coming back, and there are rumors that the king and princess aren’t dead, just merely in hiding. Can the captain of the guard find the king and restore the royal family to their place? Can a princess living in secret truly rise up and grab hold of her destiny, or will she hide from who she is if it means the destruction of countless lives? How are the royal family connected to this land, and to the well of power hidden deep beneath Illuminata Castle?


Born in Fountain Valley, CA, raised in a small town called Montrose, CA, Amanda Orneck has never stayed in one place for long -- until now. She currently calls Huntsville, AL home, where she spends her days writing, gaming, and loving her family to pieces.

Amanda received her Creative Writing degree from the University of Southern California, learning her craft at the feet of David St. John, Aimee Bender and Carol Muske-Dukes. While at USC, she received the Middleton Creative Writing Fellowship for excellence in poetry.

For seven years she honed her writing craft as a video game journalist, writing for GamePro, WoW Insider, GameGeex, and handful of other outlets. In 2014 Amanda left the world of blogging behind to focus on her first love, fiction. Shadow of the Owl is her first novel, and she is currently working on a sequel.


Preferring his rage to his reason, Chiave allowed his frustration to boil up within him, and he began kicking at anything within reach of his foot, rocks and sticks included. A log lying on a small island in the murk posed as an excellent target for his pent up anger and the heel of his boot. But when his kick connected with the dirt-encrusted thing, he heard not the crack of splintering the wood, but a moan of a decidedly more vertebrate sort. Chiave jumped back as best he could being sandwiched as he was between a huge book and a massive greatsword.

The log began to move, and unrolled itself to reveal a girl, her dark hair matted with mud and leaves.

“You would think that the world would conjure up something a bit less freckled to torture me with,” she said and attempted to go back to sleep. Chiave stood rooted in shock, so completely frozen it seemed likely he himself would become a tree, unsure at first what we was seeing, doubting it was real. “You oughtn’t have kicked a log like that. What did logs ever do to you?” The girl grumbled as she settled back into place, and instantly he knew it was real, this vision he was seeing of the log girl in the swamp. 

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