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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

If you like #vampires, check out this extract from Blood Bound

Excerpt from the book
Blood Bound
Sharon Stevenson

She had the sword in her hand before any of the vampires could react. The blade sliced through her chosen one’s neck, unmaking him in an instant. The smoky burnt-out mulch his body collapsed into seasoned the air. Shaun held his breath, trying vainly not to inhale any of the gunk while it still clung to the atmosphere. The stillness in the room started to unnerve him. The captive undead audience poised to strike, ready and remorseless. 

Sarah wiped off her sword and looked up, death in her gaze.

“Who’s next?”

All hell broke loose. The vampires flung themselves forward at full pelt. Sarah swung into action, taking off heads left, right, and centre. She matched their unnatural speed effortlessly; lithely tearing the monsters apart before a single undead claw could come close enough to touch.  

  19-year-old twin demon trackers Shaun and Sarah Gallows are used to running into trouble - mostly the kind with fangs - but while Sarah embraces her powers to their fullest extent, trusting her instincts implicitly, Shaun distances himself from his abilities and can do little more than despair at his sister’s reckless nature and idly back her up.


When they come across 17-year-old Melissa Carling, a demon tracker who’s been torturing innocent super-naturals, they know they have to stop her. 
Sarah is desperate to punish Melissa for what she’s been doing but Shaun’s instant attraction to the girl points to a soul-mate bond stronger than anything he’s ever had to fight before…

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