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Monday, 26 October 2015

If you like #romcom, check out this extract from Dying to be Slim

Excerpt from 
Dying to be Slim
Abby Beverley
Clara’s wide fingers stabbed around until she located the top of the offending item on the right hand side of her body. It was definitely a zip. Clara couldn’t see it but she knew its spikey feel from the countless times she’d zipped up anoraks and school bags for her children. She managed to secure a clumsy grasp on the top of the zip and slowly, by holding in her breath and moving gently, she pulled it down and down and down…

From ribs to hip, Clara’s flesh painlessly divided with the parting of each zip tooth. When it reached its maximum aperture, a soft manicured hand with long red nails flexed and pulled as if grabbing an invisible rope. Following the hand, a supple, well-toned arm and beneath the arm, a long, strong leg climbing as if from a well or similar hole in the ground. With a final boost, the symbiont ejected completely to a crouching panther position and Clara found herself peering down at an attractive, slender woman whose green eyes sparkled excitedly!

 By the age of eighteen, Clara finds herself a single mother to two sets of twins. With her own mother absent from early childhood and the death of her father in her late teens, food becomes Clara’s crutch.

Several decades on, Clara has a new partner and a fifth child. She oozes love and pride towards her flawless family, despite the fact that she is now thirty-four stone and housebound.

Reach Abby Beverley on Twitter via @Author_Beverley. 
She is also on Facebook under: Abby Beverley or Dying To Be Slim (they're linked).

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