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Saturday, 26 September 2015

If you like #YA fairy novels, check out this extract from Suddenly Fairies

Excerpt from the book
Suddenly Fairies


Tess Janka
    They were tiny, perfectly formed female humanoids. Their silvery skin sparkled like fish scales. They had seaweed-like green hair that framed their faces. Large, round fish-like eyes dominated their little faces. They were close enough that I could even see their elongated fingernails flashing as they gestured and laughed.
     I sat still, hardly daring to breathe as the water sprites chased each other across the lily pads. The three nymphs skidded to a sudden stop and peered into the water. One pointed, and then all three dove into the water without making a splash.
     I was disappointed to have had such a short time to watch them. But moments later, the nymphs bobbed to the surface, carrying a struggling frog onto the shore. The frog fought but was unable to escape because the nymphs had buried their long fingernails deep into its flesh.
     As I watched, horrified, the beautiful nymphs tore the still-living frog into pieces. One of the nymphs lifted a dismembered frog leg to its open mouth and I saw pointed, sharp teeth rip into the flesh.
     A shadow fell over me; startled, I almost fell into the water.

Suddenly Fairies

Suddenly Fairies

This is not your typical fairy story. Ceramics artist Odessa Chase, plagued with migraine headaches, suddenly starts seeing things. First it's just pixies. But when the Fae of Faerie learn that she can see them in the Earthly Realm, they decide she could be a threat; they kidnap her and take her to the Land of the Fairies to determine her fate. 

As she travels the Realm of the Fae, she learns their ways, but she learns her fate almost too late -- she is to be the Prey for the WintersFeast celebration, chased to the death by the Goddess of the Hunt and her Horde of Hell-Wolves.

If she survives, will she be allowed to return home?

Author, Tess L. Janka is a retired transcriptionist and current ceramics artist who lives with her husband in San Diego, California. "Suddenly Fairies" is her first book, begun during NaNoWriMo, an online novel writing challenge. This book came about from an author's favorite two words: what if?

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