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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Jenny was stranded, but she wasn't alone. #alien #99c #offer #scifi

Imprisoned for brutal crimes against his wardens, Fly became an unwilling experiment and was transported, with other criminals, to a hostile planet. Full of mutiny, anger and a desire for revenge the experiment was never going to be successful and Fly became the only survivor when the craft crashed.

Then the human ship arrived -- and Jenny.

With a malfunctioning spacecraft she was in for a fight for her life, but her problems were only just beginning when her crewmates abandon her on Eden.

Jenny's on her own... or so she thinks.
only 99c / 77p

Eden is a stand-alone novel and it tells the story of Fly and Jenny's developing relationship. It’s a story of survival, acceptance and love, of changing perspective and a need for companionship.

It's a story told from both Jenny and Fly's viewpoints which will bring you a gritty reality in Jenny's human fragilities and sci-fi from Fly's very different culture.

Eden isn’t just a sci-fi romance, it's a story of survival and acceptance. 
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For one week only Eden is reduced to 99c (and in other country’s respectively.)
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A slice of Eden to whet your appetite:

The water droplets from the waterfall sparkled against the clouds, making the lower part of the sky almost seem effervescent.
  ‘Wow,’ she said moving forward for a better look.
  Shock caused her to stop.
  Below, standing on rocks beneath the gushing waterfall was the alien.
  He was naked.
  His back was towards her, and his long line of body was taut with muscle. He was washing his hair; tossing the long mane over his shoulder.
  He raised his hands up towards the pounding water and shouted something—it was the same noise she’d heard before. It was a shout of exhilaration.
  He turned, his head rearing up as if feeling her scrutiny.
  They stared at one another until the alien raised a hand and beckoned her to join him.
  Jenny turned and ran back to the buggy.
  Inside, she clutched the wheel with both hands, her heart pounding with the same ferocity as the waterfall.
  ‘Shit,’ she said. ‘Shit, shit, shit.’
  As she sat, her heart rate stabilising, the earlier thought came back to her. It could work. The alien had an opportunity to kill her not once but several times now, and hadn’t.
  That meant he didn’t see her as a threat.
  She pictured him under the waterfall and the way he beckoned her to join him. He’d been mocking her.
  That meant he had rational thought.
  Really, Jenny? You sure about that?
  She pushed her scathing views away. The idea, although dangerous, was her only hope and could work—if the alien had a balanced mind.

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