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Friday, 10 April 2015

More rants from the minds of fictional people - Benefit Street

 Bolshy, moody and downright badtempered Valerie Anthrope gives her opinion on the current TV show Benefit Street.

I watched Benefit Street last night, and my God, I wanted to reach into the TV screen and slap every one of those lazy, good-for-nothings. How dare they think they have a right to our precious welfare system, built to provide for the needy NOT the lazy.

There was one woman (she ate her way through her dole cheque judging by her size) who believed she was the spokeswoman for the entire street and wouldn’t let anyone else get a word in. She seemed to think that what she received in handouts wasn’t enough because she was forced—yeah right—to go to soup kitchens just to eat. Did I mention she was fat? That’s some soup!

And then there was this guy whose 'job' was scrounging for more money on the streets (to top up his benefits) from the hard-working. 

Another stole for a living to feed his six kids. He said he can’t work because he needs to help his wife look after the sprogs, on the plus side it’s a two-parent family. Think he was a rarity on that street.

And all those people, well the majority anyway had mobile phones, flatscreen TV, they smoked and managed to sink several pints in the pub on a daily basis! That's not struggling on the welfare system that's bloody taking the piss!

Work-shy scrougers the lot of them. - Valerie Anthrope from Oh no, I've Fallen in Love!

Now for the turn of gullible but thinks-she's-smart Charlotte (Charlie) Wallis
There was a heart-breaking programme on the box last night. About people living on welfare, or trying to. Obviously, it isn't enough money for the poor sods because the majority are forced to steal just to eat! 

One guy has six children to feed and the money he's given isn't enough for them. Just because he's on benefits doesn't mean his kids are! The children shouldn't have to suffer. Where is their support, eh? 

A lady, White Dee, I think her name was, was the street’s backbone. An intelligent voice among the demoralised.

The programme was a little bit of a circus for the working smug, which I don't think was the intention, or at least I hope not, becuase once you’re on the downward slope of being without a job, with no prospects and live amongst others like yourself you become discouraged and eventually probably depressed. 

And I should know. I've been there. Luckily, I had a friend to pull me back up else I'd probably still be in the gutter. But what do these people have? 

Diddley squat, that's what. There needs to be more out there for people who are battling with unemployment. More help and more money. - Charlie Wallis from A Proper Charlie.

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