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Monday, 9 March 2015

If your character was alive right now in the modern, real-life, world...

Network your book!

...what would their opinion be on the state of affairs of politics, life on other planets, single mothers, men who leave the toilet set up...

You get my drift.

Let's hear it from fictional characters!

l want an article from the point of view of a character from your book. Give your character a subject, any subject, and see how they get on. If you haven't a book to flog, use a favourite character from a book you're read--what would Mr Darcy from Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice think of modern women? The mind boggles!

Maybe you have a secondary character that wants a voice? Or your villain wants to view his thoughts? Or maybe your main character has a strong opinion on something? 

Get your writer hat on and entertain us all through April and May.

Make the posts funny, angry, controversial or sad. 

The floor is yours to CREATE!

Send me your posts, together with your author media (links, book cover and blurb (one book per one post), purchase links etc) to me  with April/March guest post in the subject heading and get you up on this blog (which shares to Goodreads and FB automatically) asap!

Please make sure articles are edited.

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