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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Louise Wise's page turner two-parter!

Eden #1

Her senses were acute to sound, and her brain nagged her to flee, but she remained motionless. The old, old trick: play dead.
Imagine being an astronaut.

Now imagine applying for a mission where you became one of the first humans to travel outside the solar system.

The training couldn't prepare you for what was about to happen--the unimaginable.

Jenny Daykin, her co-travellers presumed dead, became shipwrecked on Eden.

She wasn't alone.

Jenny Daykin, ordinary woman with an extraordinary dilemma: kill or be killed. Surrender or invade. Hunt or Hunted. Love or hate.
Hunted #2

As the only survivors they rely on one another. But he isn’t human and the place she calls home, isn't Earth
Jenny chose love. An emotion only felt by higher species such as you or I. 

But do so-called 'higher species' need to have the thought-process of hope love? Or are such emotions mere survival instincts? Or, even, a disabling thought-process? 

An error of human-kind?

Somehow, Jenny found herself wondering just that as she was forced to quell her emotions in order to survive.

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