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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

What I wished I'd known before I published!

Discovering Book Tags
Louise Wise

This month, I've asked authors to send in their contributions for what they wished they'd known before they'd published.

The eBook publishing industry is changing all the time and it's difficult to keep up, and when I first started out not only were the words 'eBook' and 'Facebook' a twinkle in the developer's eye, I seemed to be the only struggling author in THE WORLD!

That's how it felt, but I've come a long way since then, or so I thought, until, only a few months ago, I realised the potential of tags: a keyword or label given to your book after uploading onto Amazon (or Smashwords, D2D etc).

These tags not only help the customer find books, but allows your book to rise to the top of a category with only one or two sales: say you have tagged your book with romance, love, coming of age, friendship.

The romance and love tag are common, but coming of age less so and friendship even more. These are the categories where your book has the opportunity to hit the top spot when it's lagging at 100,000 in the charts. And once it hits that top spot it has more chance of being seen and pulling in readers from other directions.

So study your book's possible tags and use them wisely.

Sequel to Eden...

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Jenny was marooned on Eden a long time ago. As a woman from the 23rd century and living life in the fast lane, adapting to her prehistoric world was never going to be easy. She tamed Fly, her alien lover, and fell in love with her new life. She has everything she wants: an alien man who loves her.
But then he's taken away.
Jenny's out for revenge.
Eden's sequel - HUNTED


  1. Hi Kathy, it's out now. The title is Hunted.

    You can buy it from Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00HKYDIKS/?tag=bookshowme-21

    Happy New Year!