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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Reginald Gray - the oldest murder fiction author in town!

Detective Inspector Harty mysteries

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Detective inspector Harty and his partner, detective sergeant Tully, investigate their second major case together in the fictional English rural area of West Town. 

The murders of shop staff at the local supermarket, with no obvious motive and too few clues, give considerable cause for concern not least because of the short time between killings. 

The police are very aware that answers must be found quickly but are hampered by the lack of evidence and too many suspects. After several false trails and conflicting reports a piece of unexpected information eventually puts the two detectives on the path to the solution.
Reginald Gray
Reginald Gray

Reg Gray, born 1930 in East outer London, happily married for over 60 years, now in his 80s but not ready to be written off!

He published two murder fiction novels, much to the surprise of family and friends. There may even be a third on the way. Watch this space!

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