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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Medieval Knights, Ladies, and Romance

Article by Jill Hughey

Hello fellow romance lovers!  I am Jill Hughey, author of historical romance and participant in the Medieval Knights, Ladies and Romance blog.  The blog was started by Vijaya Schartz, a prolific author of medieval romance. 

Now, before you say, "Ugh, who wants to read romance set in the dark ages?" check out the description of what we try to include in our posts.

"where history, romance, fantasy, knights and ladies collide.  Come experience the middle ages through the minds of talented and knowledgeable authors who will transport you back in time."

I personally love medieval and Middle Age romance because, at least in the books I write, there is less emphasis on pretty clothes or intricate hairstyles and more on survival.  These romances tend to be edgier and have conflicts that go beyond social rules or misunderstandings.  While the emphasis is always on the romance, you will find real action in addition to blossoming love and happily ever after.

Even if you are not a current fan of medieval romance, any reader of historicals would enjoy our blog.  A group of active authors all contribute, and though we all write romance set in the Middle Ages or medieval period, we discuss everything from visits to locations for our books to creating covers to our writing process.  We mention good books we are reading (both romance and other genres) and sometimes we even talk about our own books!

Generally two or three posts go up a week and we love to get comments.  Since we share the blog, our visitors get different viewpoints and ideas while none of us get worn out trying to keep up with it.  This allows us to keep it fresh for everyone!

I hope you will pay a visit to our blog, maybe even join us? If you want more information about me I can be found on facebook or on Twitter.

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