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Sunday, 8 July 2012

In the spotlight of ... Vivian Mayne

The Curse of Fin Milton

Set in modern day London and Cornwall, England, this enchanting ghost story follows the quest of a young man who carries a curse that condemns him to a life without the woman he cares for most in the world. His quest to lift the curse threatens the lives of all those he cares for.

A supernatural romance

The couple first meet as children, but were predestined to suffer a supernatural romance as a consequence of a curse cast in days gone by. 

Aided by a beautiful and dangerous ally who herself has mystic gifts he has to ward off paranormal forces as he seeks to unshackle the restraints of the curse. The two lovers are constantly at the mercy of a ruthless family whose interests would be threatened if the the curse were lifted.

A spooky ghost story

Vivian Mayne takes paranormal romance into the midst of life as we know it today. The result, a spine-tingling, spooky ghost story that makes you question what lies behind every door. A love story very much for our times. First of the series. 

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