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Thursday, 14 June 2012

A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO YOU ~ 7 steps to awaken to your heart, become a Heart Conscious Woman and love your life!

A shout out to all women who feel depressed, stuck, lonely, stressed, anxious, unfulfilled and
disillusioned in life. Make the choice to be free from all that holds you back from your happiness. You can thrive. You just have to want to.

UK Author, Marie Alesbury is delighted to announce the release of her new book -  “A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO YOU ~ 7 steps to awaken to your heart, become a Heart Conscious Woman and love your life!”
Available at Amazon worldwide now:

A Beginner's Guide to You details the life-transforming 7 step process that gently guides and supports women in freeing themselves from feeling depressed, stuck, unfulfilled, disillusioned and unworthy of love so that they may finally realize their true essence and the shining and sparkly potential of their future.

Alarmingly, in the UK alone, 30% of women are treated for a mental health problem (Better or Worse: A longitudinal study of the mental health of adults in Great Britain, National Statistics, 2003). Depression is much more common in women than in men with 1 in 4 women requiring treatment for depression and anxiety compared to 1 in 10 men. Sadly, the statistics speak for themselves.

The information, skills, strategies and exercises detailed in the book are a result of more than 10 years of research, expertise and personal experience. Marie explains that her inspiring book "shares all the knowledge and skills that are just too valuable to keep to myself. Women will gain a true and fresh perspective on who they truly are and who they really are not! This book offers them their stepping stone back to their heart and guides them along a path of well-deserved self-nurturing to restore peace in their heart and love in their life".

For some of her twenties, Marie Alesbury's life was ruled by feelings of depression, unworthiness, low self-esteem, anxiety, and panic attacks. However, hitting rock bottom at 31 was the most important pivotal moment of her life. She had a choice to sink or swim and she chose to live her life instead of being a victim of it. She now lives a beautiful and blessed life in the middle of the Ellisfield countryside with her husband, Rob, daughter, Evie and their doggy, Noodle.

Marie Alesbury left her job as a Senior Therapeutic Radiographer in the NHS once Evie came along to concentrate on her family. Her heartfelt intention and mission is to help other women who find themselves in the same predicament she was in her twenties. She trained to be a Reiki practitioner in 2005 and found that the majority of her clients all seemed to be dealing with similar issues. She now wishes to reach out to a wider audience and touch the hearts of as many people as possible. 

Marie prides herself on her ability to have transformed a life full of heart ache and adversity into a magical and joyful one. Now all she wants is for others to know what she knows so that they can love their life too.

You can visit Marie Alesbury on her website, Twitter and Facebook

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