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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I wonder what April will bring?

April is soon approaching and for this month I have asked my guest bloggers to concentrate on REVIEWS, and I'm sure we'll be in for a treat with the line up of authors I have coming over to share their delights, woes, tips and funny stories.

We have the honour of M.C.V Egan author of The Bridge of Deaths, Katie Salidas with her non-fic novel Go Publish Yourself.

Then David Kubicek author of Friend of the Family, and David Grant author of Blood: The New Red. 

Rod L. Predergast is spotlighting his excellent book called Dinner with Lisa, and we can look forward to Cait Lavender's top ten sharp and short reviews of her favourite authors. She is the author of Hunter Moon.

Who else wants to join the line up?



  1. April brings in payday, Easter and smatterings of interesting stuff from Louise.

    I cannot wait.