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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Letter of complaint to guest bloggers

I don’t ask for much; a follow, a tweet or two. I don’t even mind if the article has already been published (if copyright is your own) but I am SO wound up by badly written, poorly edited posts, so much so that if I get one more I'll pull out my own eyes, and stick them in the shredder!

I’m not perfect, my blog’s not perfect either, and mistakes will probably be found if you look hard enough, but I do my utmost to keep it mistake and typo free.

I receive nicely written emails from people requesting exposure, I give them a topic and leave them to get on with it. Back it comes. The topic, well, it’s SO off-topic I don’t recognise it anymore! It’s all about THEM and their BRILLIANT book and the usual sign-off is “Enjoy”.  


This is how they start (topic should be Marketing):

Dear Lewis (who?)
My book is called Vampires and Cowboys. I wrote it when I was in Middle Grade and my Teachers thought it was Wonderfull, and had it not been for there support I would never of fiinished it. I finished my education at Disney University and from their went on to fullfill my dream of being an Doctor. Due to a accidant I had to give up my Career and my Family reminded me of my book. I published it last weak. Your readers’ will love it. Enjoy.

Please, edit your post. Write on topic, or if you don’t like the topic supplied ask for another one (I usually give a selection though). And for frigging sake, blogging works both ways. Link, Tweet, FB and blog the post URL.

Guys, together we are a force, on our own we're pitiful!


  1. That's sad....But for those of us who can write and don't have to deal with folks like that, it's sort of hilarious...and it kind of makes me feel better about myself as a writer...But maybe I'm just being cruel. :-)

    <3 Gina Blechman

  2. I'm rather picky about who I allow on my blog. It's almost always by invitation, but occasionally I'll showcase someone just starting out.

    Typos happen. I usually correct them then let the author know.

    As for topic, I insist it can not be a pimp party. If it goes off topic, the offer to appear is rescinded. This I do for my readers, not the author.

  3. The only time I blatantly pimp out my own books like mad on a Guest Blog is when I'm asked to... otherwise I'm more than happy to make mention but pimp out the great books I'm reading now and the authors I love and hope others will, too...
    There's always going to be spelling/grammar mistakes, but at least TRY to fix them before sending out your post, lol...

    Armand Rosamilia

  4. Wasn't going to press "publish" but thought why the hell not! I'd just had one too many bad articles from authors lately, and I was ready to vent!

    And now I feel better! :/

    The odd typo doesn't matter to me, but I was getting some really sloppy writing. My eyeballs were rolling around in my head like no-body's business!

  5. Oh goodness! I can't believe an author wrote that. Whoever it is, I humbly suggest that he/she picks up another profession, I mean, they'd do a lot better at other things.
    I've come across lots of authors like this. They spoil the good name. Becoming a writer is not by force. Although looking at all these things, they sometimes make me feel good about myself. Not that I'm trying to prove myself perfect, no, I'm not. I'm just glad that there's something I can do much better than others. That itself is something to be proud of.

  6. lol King, yes I know EXACTLY what you mean.

  7. You mean you don't know who Lewis is? Why, he's your evil twin brother bent on destroying your life and taking over your identity.


    (Helpful and insightful comment is helpful and insightful)

  8. Lol @ Jane and he wears my underwear!!!