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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Children's writer and illustrator Joanna Cook with her second in the series of The Wrenolds

 The "Wrenolds," a family of wrens, have survived a tornado and rebuilt their home just in time to celebrate Grandma's birthday.  

5-12 years.

This is the second story in the delightful and whimsical series about a bird community.  Join the cardinals, Sir Al and Alberta, the robins, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, and the elegant hummingbirds, Tony and Mary Hummingway, and others.  
See what happens when Jackie Wrenolds finds the perfect birthday gift for Grandma and the story takes a mysterious turn.

Children will delight in this charming story written from the perspective of birds - and learn something too!

Published by Mirror Publishing:  www.pagesofwonder.com Written/illustrations by Joanne Cook. 

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  1. Great book! I love the wrenolds series!

  2. Hi - nice to meet you. Following from the World of My Imagination blog hop.

  3. Hi ED, thank you.

    Anon - it does look like a lovely book, doesn't it? The illustrations could rival Beatrice Potter imo.