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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Remember, remember the fifth of November

This Guy Fawkes week I have SEVEN authors to show-off.
I picked seven books all with a different genre.

So, starting Saturday 5th November 
Chris Burton will be spotlighting his science fiction Alpha One - The Jump Pilot.
Brenda Wallace will follow with her thriller called Brilliant Prey, then we have a spiritual novel by Christine Cunningham called Eternal Beginning. 

To follow those there will be a fantasy adventure Highway To Hell by Alex Laybourne, and Brian Kavangh will be along with his crime/thriller Capable of Murder and leading up the rear is YA author C.K. Volnek with Ghost Dog of Roanoke, and last but not least, a romance called Past Sins by Ellie Jones.

So lots of colour and variety for all readers.

Remember, I am here for blog tours/interviews/spotlights. 
Please see submissions for more information.

Happy Firework night!
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