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Friday, 11 November 2011

Past Sins by Ellie Jones

Past Sins - a story of intrigue, romance, and deceit.

Past Sins
Ellie Jones

When wealthy Spanish artist, Juan GarcĂ­a, dies, he leaves his beautiful Spanish villa and riding school, to Jenny. This is bizarre because she is English, has never been there, never met him, never heard of him, and is not related to him... 

Stakes are raised when in the entrance hall to the villa she discovers a painting of herself... naked.

Juan’s young brother, Eduardo, believes she is a gold-digger and is out to prove it. Jenny finds herself struggling with him on several levels; his certainty that she had an affair with Juan, his own escalating attraction towards her, his belief that she may be involved with threatening letters against him, and his absolute and unjustified dislike of her new friend... but then she starts to get threatening letters too, and it all gets out of hand.

Purchase info – $2.99


  1. Thanks so much for featuring PAST SINS. It's very kind of you

  2. My pleasure, it's my kind of read actually! I'm a die-hard romantic at heart. :)