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Thursday 20 October 2011

Laura Rodela's Do's and Don'ts

A Self Publisher's Do's and Don'ts
Laura Rodela

So you are ready to self publish. Your book is complete and you are now ready for the world to enjoy your work. I would like to share some tips on self publishing that will help you make wise decisions as you enbark on your journey.

As a new author I was not savvy in the field of self publishing. I did some research on the internet but missed the mark on some very important aspects due to lack of knowledge. Here are my top do's and don'ts of self publishing.

DO: Proof read your work multiple times. Publishing companies will do the editing and proof reading work for you but the cost is high. You can find authors that will proof read your work on the Internet for a much lower cost. But no one is perfect and mistakes will be missed, so remember to make inspections yourself.

DO: Consider having your book sold as an eBook as well as a paperback/hardcover. Some publishing companies will only distribute your book as a paperback/hardcover and won't give you the option for an eBook, although some companies will for an additional cost. 

DO: Make sure you understand the distribution packages. Most packages will include your ISBN number and distribution to Amazon, Barnes&Noble etc. However, the marketing of your book is usually not included, or there is a much higher price for marketing. Do your homework.

DON'T: buy everything the publisher offers you. A lot of the services you can find cheaper on the internet or do yourself. Research publishing services before you commit, and make sure you understand exactly what you are buying.

DON'T: give away your rights to your publisher. Self publishers generally are able to keep their rights and, therefore, make changes as needed when it comes to pricing and distribution.

DON'T: be afraid to ask questions and ask for changes as needed. Such things as your book cover, color pages etc should  meet your expectations. If you want something changed make sure you speak up and work with your publisher to make it happen. It is your book and your vision!

I hope these tips will help you with your self publishing efforts.

Laura Rodela

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