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Monday, 28 February 2011

Child abuse is a despicable crime, and Marian L. Thomas is hitting back!

Marian L. Thomas is back with another bestseller
My Father's Colors.

Best-selling author Marion L. Thomas appeared on my blog back last year in May with
Color Me Jazzmyne. She is an active supporter of victims of child abuse, and her books aim to educate as well as entertain. 

                                              What's New?
Marian welcomes the release of her second book, My Father's Colors-The Drama-Filled Journey of Naya Monà Continues on March 1, 2011. It is sure to be another Best-Seller for the author as it takes you on the journey of four individuals that lead to one destination filled with betrayal, lies and shocking secrets.

Naya Monà is back on another emotional and drama-filled roller coaster as she finds herself fighting to find her voice, discover her father's past and search for her daughter. How do you find a daughter you never knew you gave birth to?

Then there's Chris—her husband. How far would one go for love? That is the question that Chris wastes no time answering. He will do whatever it takes to remove his wife’s pain, even if it means being the one to cause her the most.

Let's not forget Misty. Fame and Fortune have been the determining factor for Misty ever sense her father passed away. How far will she go, this time, to achieve it?

Introducing, Carl Thompson. Carl has found the love of his life, only she doesn’t know it. Green eyes and hazel brown hair fill his dreams for the future. Does he have enough love for the both of them?

Join best-selling author Marian L. Thomas as she takes you through the captivating pages of My Father’s Colors. This book is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and get caught in the drama-filled story of a woman’s journey!

What type of book is it?
My Father's Colors-The Drama-Filled Journey of Naya Monà Continues is both contemporary fiction and literary entertainment that focusing on character and plot development. Poetic and filled with melodious tones, it derives its inspiration from the real life experiences that many woman and children of abuse face. It is emotional, captivating and sparked with the elements of reality to make a true reader connection.

Ready to win a free signed copy? How?
Marian will be a guest blogger for some of the most amazing blogs. Visit each blog, leave a comment and your name will be entered into a drawing for one signed copy of my book. The person who has left the most comments (one per blog) will win. Ready to win? Start with leaving a comment on this blog.

Ready to Purchase Your Copy?
My Father's Colors-The Drama-Filled Journey of Naya Monà Continues is available in Paperback and Hardcover through the following online retailers:

eReader? Start reading within minutes on:

Visit Author's Website:

Marian was reared in Chicago but lives with her biggest-supporter—her husband and their spoiled but playful dog, Winston in Atlanta, Georgia. Received her Bachelor's degree in Business Communication, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Marian writes with a box full of colors in her head. Using the analogy of a crayon box to describe the struggles and journeys of women, has become her literary trademark. Readers have been captivated by her emotional appeal and her flare for reality that continues to be weaved within the pages of her books. Her debut title, Color Me Jazzmyne, went on to become an Amazon Best-seller. Reaching #1 in the Rhythm & Blues category, #2 in Inner-Child and #7 in Performance/Voice for the amazing melodious tones developed through the voice of her main character, Naya Monà. Color Me Jazzmyne was also ranked as one of the" Top 100 Books"-1st Qtr 2010 by the Sankofa Literary Society Review.


  1. Thanks for having me back. Love the blog!

  2. I look forward to reading all of her material. I am glad you posted this. Thank you.

  3. This looks like a book that should be on Oprah.

  4. Thanks for coming back Marian! Regina thank you for popping by, and Michael, I couldn't agree with you more. Maybe Marian should contact Oprah to chat about her books!

  5. I agree with Michael. This does seem like a book that belongs on Oprah. Not only is Marion a great writer but she is a great blogger also. She provided some interesting content to help authors as a guest blogger on my site. Check it out:

    Janis Friesler
    Assisting Authors Online

  6. Thanks for the words of encouragement! Oprah, that would be great.

  7. i totally agree with marian, great blog. cant wait to read this book

  8. Sounds very interesting, congrats Marian L.