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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Many Paths, Many Feet an anthology of women's stories by Phyllis Wilson and friends.

An Anthology of Women's Stories

Many Paths, Many Feet is an anthology of women's stories, some fiction and some non-fiction, that candidly reveal women's triumph and perseverance. The stories, coupled with splashes of poetry, bring to light the essence of the human spirit. Read familiar refrains of faith, determination, and tenacity. Go on a powerful journey with incredible stories of challenges and the discovery of yourself!

Every so often an anthology is written to inspire and uplift; to fortify and nourish; to comfort and reassure but most of all to bring you closer to a place of triumphant living.

Many Paths, Many Feet is an anthology of stories for anyone who has experienced the difficulties of life.

The authors are fearless, indefatigable, and righteous in their march to victory, thus presenting the archetypal story of what all men and women experience in their quest for an exemplary life. At Many Paths, Many Feet, we believe the journey is as powerful and rewarding as the destination!

Phyllis Wilson wrote her first book, Top Ten Things to Consider, and after it was published thought about other stories that could be shared and that everyone has a story. So she approached some ladies she knew and asked them if they would like to be part of this collaboration.

"We all have different backgrounds, educational status, and experience in various areas of life; so what brought all of us together to write such a sound and inspirational book was that we felt the book has divinely aspired as 9 women met on 9 September at 9pm EST for our first conference call about the book!

 It just sends chills up my spine every time I think about that as God had his hand in the entire process. Our target audience or who we would like to reach when sharing our literary works is men and women…and I say that because even though it is a compilation of women’s stories, men can learn something from the women’s point of view and some stories/poems are directed to a male audience.

The message we are trying to send to our audience or reader are several fold because we had 25 stories and poems, but I think the main message is that you are not alone…others have experienced what you have experienced or are experiencing."

Phyllis Wilson
Author, Consultant, Radio Personality & Keynote Speaker

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