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Friday, 21 May 2010

If I Never by Gary William Murning.

If  I Never by Gary William Murning.

Gary is a novelist living in the northeast of England. His work, largely literary fiction, focuses on themes that touch us all — love, death, loss and aspiration — but always with an eye to finding an unusual angle or viewpoint. Quirky and highly readable, his writing aims to entertain first and foremost. His first novel, If I Never, is published by Legend Press and is now available from all major bookstores.
“Price is used to living within the shadow of threatening friend George – forever in the fear that not to follow his lead will end with a beating. However, new developments mean his life finally seems to be moving from the dormant and gaining some positive development. Before long, though, George is back and Price finds himself following his friend once more. But this time it is different – secrets are discovered, decisions are to be made and life and perspective will never be the same again. If I Never is a novel about asking questions but being unsure if you want to know the answers.”

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